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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: I did it...

Friday, March 11, 2011

I did it...

Happy sigh... I did it. All week. I actually got dressed!

It's amazing how difficult it can be to get a picture of yourself around these parts. And for a woman whose face is not to appear on her blog... it's even more difficult! So there I am. You'll just have to trust me for the denim skirt and Mary Janes that don't show.

And... except for today, I had a different shirt on every day. Things were a little more harried this morning and I just reached for what I could find so I'd be dressed nice. But it's a nice blue sweater My Beloved likes, so I think it can be overlooked!

And there is a story about all that hair. I have a lot. of. hair! And I'm not sure I've emphasized it enough. Some of you know me... you can back me up on this! Go ahead... comment. Tell them all how much hair I have.

Anyway, back on track... For the last few years (or more) my hair has been a little, um, difficult. I used to think I had great hair. Now?? Not so much. These last couple pregnancies have pushed the limit on my hair and it's not so cooperative anymore!

Add to that the fact that I have three children 4 and under and I don't even really brush it anymore. Really. There are many days that I don't get it brushed. And many weeks (I'm about to loose some of my readers) I'm pushing it to get my hair washed once. My answer to all this is to just swipe it up into a "messy bun" (which my husband hates) or, a little bit better, a real bun with a "claw" to help anchor it. (Did I mention I have a lot of hair?) This makes it so that I can go about my day, or even out in public, without it being common knowledge that I haven't brushed my hair in ... oh... I don't know how long!

All I can say is that this is only the tip of the ice burg when it comes to how much grace I am shown by my sweet husband each and every day!

So... as part of this little "get dressed" challenge, I aimed to brush all that hair and do something with it every day. The problem: (1.)I can't stand my hair down on my shoulders and around my face, especially all day long while I'm doing things. (2.) My Beloved "prefers" my hair down... and really doesn't like it up all that much.

Now you see the problem... so, where do I find a middle ground? A way to please my husband first in this area that I can actually handle? Well, this pic is the answer so far. I've pulled half of it up and into a bun (still rather large), leaving less of it down to make me crazy. I secure the bun with bobby pins (My Beloved really hates scrunchies... and this is what I use pretty much every day) and dampen the rest to reduce friz.

Ahhhh. It works. And... he likes it! Yey! That is the whole point after all!

Now the trick is to keep it up! No going back to my old ways while I tackle the next step!

Anyone else get dressed this week. Did you get a picture? If you want to blog about it and leave me a comment with the address, I'd love to see!!! (I'll put your link here in the post!) No blog... or no pic? I'd still love to hear about it. Leave a comment so we can encourage each other (read: so you can encourage me!) :)

And join me Monday for the next step!



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