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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Coming in May... um... tomorrow?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Coming in May... um... tomorrow?

Ok... so how did that happen??? How did tomorrow become May? Or is it the other way around? How did May become tomorrow? That one sounds more like it.

So (since I've procrastinated it for a week or so), "coming up in May"... I'm going to be participating in "31 Days to Clean" with Sarah Mae. I've purchased her new ebook (and looked over it too... it's worth it from what I see!) and I'm ready to go. It may be just what we need to help us along on this Suzy meets P31 project of mine. Regardless... it should help get things clean around here. Will you join me???

(UPDATED: Join over at Joyful Mothering to do this with a group!)

homegrown mom
Also in May is this great series on "homemaking for girls"! This woman has my heart! Just as we've been talking about in Suzy meets P31, so many of us never really learned to keep our homes. This month Homegrown Mom is helping us train our daugthers! YEY for her! Hop over and read her vision! :)

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