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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Stuck???

Monday, April 25, 2011


Do we seem stuck in a rut here?

Why haven't we taken that next step in this series?

Well, I mentioned some struggles I've been working through. That has slowed me down some. But really, the main reason we haven't taken the next steps here is that I haven't taken the next step *here*... in real life.

So why not??? What's the problem?

Truly, the main problem comes down to the original problem. Laziness.

I'm lazy.

I hate it... but I am. I've not yet been able to put off this sin. It's a tricky one to put off too... and you know why? Because I have to put off laziness in order to put off laziness.

That's right. I have to get up.

Then I have to stay up.

I have to "do it enyway!"

Sitting back down to read one more blog is easier than getting everything out to mop the floor.

Thumbing through a catalog is way more fun than washing toilets.

Searching online for encouragement in housework is less work than actually doing it.

Seeking out other's suggestions for child raising and spiritual growth takes way less faith (and sometimes time) than sitting quietly before the throne of the one who knows the answers and seeking them for ourselves!

A couple articles I've happened upon in the last day or so have helped me see this and I wanted to pass them on for your own edification!

Rising to the Challenge
Lara's Dos and Don'ts (I'd read through these soon... she's fazing out her blog and has already deleted much of her archives.)

My goal this week... my number one focus... isn't on keeping my schedule (though that would be great!) and isn't getting everything done. This week my focus is on getting back up... working hard... and not eating the bread of idleness!!!

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At May 3, 2011 at 7:52 AM , Anonymous Rebekah said...

just now reading this, and it was the perfect time for me =) thank you for the "kick in the pants" so to speak!


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