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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: So Distant!

Friday, April 29, 2011

So Distant!

Photo credit... Generation Cedar

The news is full of pictures of the tornados that have swept through and destroyed so many places in the last week or more. Add this on top of earthquakes and tsunamis the world over and it's easy (for me at least... isn't that horrible?) to get overwhelmed by it all and focus back inward to my own corner of the world. To the parts that are real.

When it's so far away... so distant... it becomes stories. Not real.

Then you learn of someone specific who has been affected. Read more personal accounts. Mourn with them for the loss of a father (to 13!).

Suddenly it's not so distant. I'm sobbing at my computer.

I gather my littles close to me, explain to them a little of what happened, and we pray. Together.

For comfort.

For salvation.





My heart is full for them all... and so many others I now remember are represented by these few stories.

Won't you please remember to pray... give... and serve to help our brothers and sisters in hard times?

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