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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Yada Yada... more vacation...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yada Yada... more vacation...

Ok... so even I'm bored with my vacation chronicles... but there is this one more bit of our trip that seemed worth it.

How terrible is it that it's because the kids freaked out again???

Ok... very terrible. I know. I'm sorry.

Do you see this very blurry little guy? Ok... he's big. And when he puffed out his tail and all his feathers at the kids, he was even bigger. And then he made his "gobble-gobble-gobble" noise and it was over. But allow me to back up a bit.

Things were going fine. We were walking around the 1700s farm they have at Yorktown. Animals were around and the same kids who talked constantly about how they would be chasing the turkeys again this time were very close to Daddy and Mommy as we walked around and looked and talked.

We were in the kitchen talking with a gentleman about how it all worked back then. Looking at the salt curing, the dehydrated fruit hanging, the eggs, etc, etc. Another little family with a 3-4 year old boy came in too. Then, at the other entrance, the Tom turkey (i.e. male with big tail and boy tendencies) made an appearance. Our two clung tighter to our hands and started to hide a bit. We tried to encourage them not to be afraid and to step around us and take a look at him. Just then, the other kid (not afraid at all) decided to run at the turkey... loudly!

This Tom was not afraid! At. all. Instead of moving on or backing away, he puffed up his feathers, spread his tail and "gobbled" over and over and over. You see... he was going to defeat this little kid and keep his honor.

The reaction inside the little kitchen? All three (my two and this little child who started the trouble) all screamed back and were doing their best to get as far away as possible. The Tom's response was to keep "gobbling"... making the kids cry and scream more... making the Tom "gobble" more.

I think you see where this is going.

Finally one of the "period dressed" ladies tried to holler over the screams to the children that he would keep doing it until they were quiet. Finally we got all the kids quiet and moved on. But the rest of our time there was tainted by them looking over their shoulders.

We did enjoy our time in the garden area looking at everything they had growing. That area is fenced off so the animals can't get in. :)

And for all our sakes I'm going to let that finish off the vacation chronicles. They are now officially logged for my future remembering! :) Thank you for bearing with me.

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