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Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet the Family... newly updated stats!

Most recent group shot!

(If you've read the top of this before, scroll down for updated info on the kids!)

I'm so glad you've taken the time to stop in and meet us "in person". In this busy place called the web, it's hard to keep up. We read snippets of this post and that post, travel through 3-4 blogs before we can remember which blog we were reading in the first place. In all this hustle and bustle we can be reading about the day to day life of someone we've never "met".

How old is this kid I'm reading about anyway??? Where do they live to get that kind of weather? I've asked these questions and more about other bloggers. So here we are... I'd like to introduce you to my family!

If you've been reading this blog for any time at all you probably already know some about me. I'm The Babychaser. When I chose that name for myself back in the beginning, I chose it because I couldn't think of anything else and needed something for the blog address. I've been thrilled with it ever since... especially since it's more true now than I ever thought it would be.

So who am I? I'm a lot of things. Like all of you I wear many hats, though most of them I'm still learning to wear. First and foremost I am a Christian. There are lots of ways to explain this first title, but let me try to simplify a little by saying that I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he came to earth a man, lived a sinless life and died on a cross so that I could be forgiven of my sins. Because of my trust in Him, I am made righteous, clean, and new before the Lord. Because of His sacrifice, I can have a relationship with God the Creator. I am not perfect, but I am forgiven. Everything else I do in life and everyone else I am in this life is with the goal of bringing glory to Him. (There... that was simple right?)

Other hats I wear? I am wife, mother, homemaker. Child trainer, counselor, encourager, friend. I'm a photographer, small business owner. Like many of you, my hearts desire is to reflect Christ in my life and to be a Proverbs 31 woman (I have a long way to go on both of these!)

My Beloved and I were married on January 9th, 2005. We have one of the best love stories I've ever heard myself. Perhaps someday I'll finish posting it. When we met, My Beloved lived in a one room cabin here in Central PA with a loft and no plumbing. They had offered him room and board in exchange for keeping up the computers etc at a local camp. He'd only been there a year, but it was right up his alley! We could have stayed there after we got married, but I really wanted plumbing! :)

During the day he works as the main "computer guy" at a local missions organization... a job he loves, serving people he loves. I am thankful that the office is only minutes from our home. It makes it easier for us to manage our one car. It comes in handy on days when everything falls apart just before the end of the work day and he only has time to come home for a couple minutes to eat a quick dinner with us before returning for the rest of the night. And it comes in handy on days when he can join us for lunch, or better yet, come pick us up and take us out to lunch with him!

My Beloved is different than any man I've ever known. He's super friendly, has an amazing servant's heart, and would do just about anything to keep me safe and happy. He loves all things outdoors (hiking, hunting, biking, backpacking, campfires, hanging out in a hammock, and on and on), yet he says that he still would have picked me if he had known how much outdoor stuff he'd be giving up. He truly is the perfect man for me. He loves me in spite of me... and tells me all the time that it's the easiest thing to do.

Hunting for Roley Poleys

Tornado was born December 4, 2006. You may be able to figure out where his name has come from. He's always moving... and he's loud. All. The. Time. As a toddler he was ever leaving destruction and mess in his wake. One of the times my mom was visiting, she took to calling him the little tornado... I decided it was an appropriate name. :)

Tornado is still all boy at almost 5... and the smartest kid I know! This past September we "officially" started "kindergarten". He loves doing "school" and is thrilled when I bring out a simple workbook, coloring books or scissors for "scissoring".  (Read more about our schooling here.)  He's my song bird and sings all the time, both real songs and fake word songs he makes up. He is also always playing some imaginary instrument. We do lots of reading together (though not as much as I would like) of both picture and chapter books, and in the last few months, his reading has really taken off and he spends even more time reading aloud to me, his sister and himself!  He is getting more and more genuinely helpful as his "chores" now include folding laundry with me (he can do all kids clothes, towels, etc), helping with dishes, and keeping up with both dusting and vacuuming in the living room (among other things!)

Sweet Pea was born March 7th, 2008. She was so tiny (at least compared to Tornado) those first few months... Sweet Pea just seemed the perfect name for her. She's 3 1/2 now and loves to follow her brother around.  Daddy calls her a little parrot!  She's now more of a preschooler herself, but isn't ready for academics like her brother was.  This is fine with me and we're taking a much more relaxed path with her.  She's learning the memory verses and chatachism right along with him though and our focus is character more than anything!  She melts my heart when she says, "I want to be with you mommy."

Her talking is more clear everyday. She started late like her brother, and is still hard to understand sometimes. She's also much quieter, which makes it that much harder to understand what she's trying to say (over the noise coming from Tornado's direction). She too loves to sing. Her favorite song these days is Jesus Loves Me... she sings it all the time, even when Tornado tries to get her to sing something else with him. It's great!

She's quite the little lady and is learning to do some chores too.  She can now fold small towels and bibs in addition to the wash clothes when we are doing laundry together. She's also great at throwing things in the trash for me and most of the time bringing me something... except when she gets sidetracked!  She's also learning to use her little broom and does a great job rinsing dishes!

Watching our neighbor dog go by

Little Man was born on August 6, 2010. At 9 pounds 10.6 ounces at birth, I looked down at him and couldn't help but think that he was my little man already... and the name was born. Now, at 14.5 months, he just starting to walk and makes a few noises for words.   He's starting to show more personality everyday and delights my heart with his smiles!  He loves his daddy best of all and moves very fast when he hears that Daddy's home.  He just can't get there fast enough!  Just this week he's started helping with a few things, carrying things for me or bringing me trash.  Now that he's walking we're beginning some "helping mommy" training!

Coming in March 2012 is baby number 4.  Stay tuned to find out boy or girl... we should know in a few more weeks!


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