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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: This weeks plans

Monday, February 6, 2012

This weeks plans

When the weather is nice, we try to spend as much time outside as possible!

Time is moving right along here, (Is it there too???) with just over 5 weeks to go.

Just today I've implemented a new schedule.  A much looser and hopefully more forgiving one than those I've attempted over the last couple months.  It's my hope that I'll get to the house, the homeschooling and the projects without the stress and failure.  Hmmm... we'll see. :)  And I've deliberately made it so that baby's feedings should fit right in once she's here and we've normalized a bit. 

Most of today has been behind.  It all came from not starting the week fresh.  Nope... instead the day started with a mound of laundry on the couch and dishes in the sink.  But I'm not letting it get me down.  I trudge forward.  (You?)

My girl's treasures!

We missed much of our inside play time and abridged our outside play significantly (but we did go outside!!!)  This is the hour I've scheduled for our "discovery" play time (one of these days I'll post our updated and more realistic schooling goals for this year.)  We did get to our Disciplined Learning at the table and did most of what I'd hoped, but this was running behind too.

Lunch... late.  But don't worry, nap time was right on schedule.  At least close enough for me.  And now it's quiet in the house (mostly).  Though I did get the beans on, they're running a bit late.  And the bread didn't get made... again.  Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow!

On the plus side?  I have 5 meals in the freezer for after baby comes (most of them made last week!)  My sewing machine is all better, so I've been making progress on the sewing front. 

Baby Shower gift this weekend!
I love how it turned out!
This fun quilt (made last year) was a raging success at a baby shower this weekend!  Yey!

So this week (the point of my post???) I have a meal plan (exciting for my husband) that will allow me to get another 5-6 meals in the freezer while feeding my family at the same time (exciting for me!!)  After that the baby can come any old time she wants to.  I'll still work to get things made ahead (breakfasts, treats, additional meals), but I won't worry so much.

Here's what we're eating this week (Lord willing!):

This is a very assuming menu, I know.  Should I fail to make something on a given night, it's bump to next week.  And hopefully by then, it'll all be in the freezer!!!

Other plans this week include working on Sweet Pea's quilt (the piecing of the top is completed, I just have the boarder [with some applique] left to do before sandwiching and quilting!), My Beloved's quilt (I'll pick at this one in between others), and starting to look at Sweet Pea's spring/summer wardrobe needs.

Do you have any special plans this week???

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