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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Vacation Part 1: Baltimore

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation Part 1: Baltimore

The first part of our vacation was only sort of vacation-y.  For the kids and I, it was.  For My Beloved, it was work. 

Sunday through Thursday we were in a hotel in Maryland for a conference.  While My Beloved worked, Tornado got to participate in the children's program with the missionary kids and we all got to swim (all but My Beloved that is.)

There are no pictures of the week because I was pretty much on my own the whole time, but I'll note a few things:

First, everything takes longer!  That first day (Monday), we got up a little late (8?) because the night had been late setting up.  My Beloved went running out to finish getting things ready before conference attendees arrived, and the kids and I worked on getting ready to go have breakfast.  I'll spare you the details and just say this.  We finally made it to breakfast at 11.  Panara Bread was no longer making breakfast sandwiches.  As we were getting back to the hotel, we passed several people headed out to lunch. 

Just before 1, we were finally making out way to the swimming pool (after suiting up, lotioning up, an extra trip to the car for the swim diapers, and then nursing again because it had all taken so long) when My Beloved called to see what we were doing.  "You're just making it out to the pool?  You know, it's lunch time." 

"Yes, I know," I answered him.  "I just passed 3 sets of people leaving for lunch on my way back from breakfast." 

He laughed and I accepted the fact that everything takes longer when I'm on my own with 4 little ones.  Accepting that fact helped me to enjoy the week much more.  We just did what we could do and kept our own schedule. :)

Second... you'll all want to know how things went with the bathing suit I made Sweet Pea.  It went great.  I think the waist line for the little shorts was too low but overall, it was cute and functional... and modest!!! 

Third, I picked a crazy week to give up sugar.  (More on that later!)  Desserts, cookies and candy everywhere!  Sigh.



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