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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: …to Please Your Husband (Part 2)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

…to Please Your Husband (Part 2)

Last week I posted on pleasing my husband in the kitchen and I promised to further explore the idea of trying to please our husbands in other areas as well. Instead of writing an insanely long post (this one ended up long enough) and hitting all the areas that are floating around in my head and heart, I may just tackle the next one here. (That means a “Part 3” to this series to come.)

Another area we can aim to please our husbands? How we look! That’s right… now for those of us who are truly lucky (eh… blessed, I don’t believe in luck… it just sneaks out there sometimes.) in marriage, we hear all the time how beautiful we are ~ whether it is true at the time or not (rather, whether we feel it or not). Regardless, there are little things we can do, and little details we can pay attention to that would delight our husbands.

I am truly blessed to have such open communication with my DH! It is so open in fact that he is willing (and somehow unafraid) to share with me when something is unflattering. Half the women in my church may say it looks great, but for some reason, DH doesn’t like it. From time to time (I admit to him that it’s when I’m “over sensitive”), it hurts my feelings, or I get upset about it, but after things settle, I am so glad he told me. Ok, so it means I have a smaller wardrobe that I otherwise would. And ok, so I like a number of the things he doesn’t. Ok, so he thinks most dresses look frumpy (they probably do… frumpier ones are less expensive). But what matters here?? If I really want to be a wife who is pleasing to my husband, I want him to like the way I look.

Now, I am sure I have painted a terribly inaccurate picture of my husband for you all! The number of times he has said something like I mentioned above are relatively few! They are rare, whereas comments such as “You look so nice!”, “How pretty”, and “Don’t you look cute today?!” (he knows I like to look “cute”) are far more regular! He simply has different taste than any man (or person for that matter) I have ever known. In some ways it is sad for me to give up certain things like fancy dresses or ankle length skirts (I love the old fashioned looks), or basically anything with too short of sleeves (it gets hot here in the summer). It's kind of like not making favorite recipes if he doesn’t like them. On the other hand, it can make life way easier!

Let me share with you some of the things DH does like. First of all, he is an outdoorsy kind of guy! A casual one. J He loves to see me in jeans (I can handle that!). If I could find a couple flannel shirts that fit me pregnant, he would love it (I tried one on the other day that we both liked ~ it was pink plaid ~ but it didn’t fit pregnant… not long enough). Did I mention that he loves to go clothes shopping with me? How lucky am I? It works great too. He helps pick out things he loves, as well as things I love, then he watches my fashion show and tells me what things look best. We have so much fun! Then he has so much fun as he pays for new clothes for me. My favorite part is finding, purchasing and adding outfits to my wardrobe that please him! It is way more fun than just getting dressed in the morning!

Now, confession… most days I barely get ready (I’m working on this). Some days when he gets home from work, I am still in the jammie clothes I put on first thing in the morning (even if I did shower). I really try to at least look fresh for him, but it never seems to bother him if I don’t get that far. I care more… I think that is the key! We, as wives who are striving to please our husbands, need to care more that we are pleasing them than they do. It doesn’t seem to faze DH (perhaps he’s just used to it) that I’m not wearing anything special or that my hair is just pulled back instead of done the way he likes, but I get so much joy out of hearing that he is pleased by my appearance on the days I do go out of my way to do my hair the way he likes (not a difficult style by the way) and to be wearing something “cute”.

I challenge you this week to look at your closet and think about the things in it that you know your DH doesn’t care for! Is there really any reason to keep it? If it’s a matter of not having enough to get it out of there this week, work toward saving for a replacement! If you do find something you can cut for your DH sake, let me know! I'd love to hear about it!

If you have anything to add to this post on pleasing your husband in the way you look, we’d love to hear it too. I am by far no expert! I didn’t even really touch on hair/make-up or other grooming things.

(For the record... I'm dressed, but I haven't quite brushed my hair yet today... though it is clean!) :)

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