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The Second Best Love Story EVER ~ Part 5

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: The Second Best Love Story EVER ~ Part 5

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Second Best Love Story EVER ~ Part 5

You have all been very patient, and so here it is... another edition of my love story. It's only a small chunk, but I thought I'd participate in Owlhaven's Love Stories in October, so here I am participating. I started mine back in July, so if you want to get up to speed on what I think is one of the best love stories EVER (second only to the best love story ever... the one where our Groom will one day return to earth to take His bride up with him), start over here!

Thursday arrived, and with it, lunch. I was with that same group of girls as we gathered our food and found a table in the dining hall. I desperately hoped I was being sly enough as I craned my neck to see around the room, desperately hoping to figure out where My Beloved was sitting, or whether he were there at all... without anyone noticing. As we put up our trays and left the room almost an hour later, I was very disappointed to have missed seeing him again. He was working back at the office during the conference, only coming over for meals, so my chances of seeing him that day were greatly diminished, and that was very sad.

Though afternoons were widely unscheduled, there were different opportunities to participate in each day. This particular afternoon, they would be showing (on the big screens in the “conference center”/gym) a documentary on the lives of, primarily, Nate Saint and his co-workers, one of whom had a big impact on my desire to serve the Lord overseas. This was one I wasn’t going to miss.

I had separated from my new friends and was on my way in to find them when I saw him. There he was… at the production stage again. I smiled at him as I walked by, finding the rest of the girls in the bleachers about 5 or 6 rows up. I quickly evaluated the scene. I could climb the bleachers (not a real big deal), climb in to one of the center chairs (again… big deal), and sit with them… leaving more than a hundred or more empty chairs between me and the screen (and who really cares about that?), or… I could sit down in the first row of bleachers by myself (I don’t mind being by myself), and maybe My Beloved would come over and talk to me. I (nonchalantly) told the girls not to worry about me… I preferred to sit down lower and didn’t mind sitting by myself. They didn’t fight me on it, and thankfully, no one came down to keep me company.

I set my bag down on a chair and settled into the seat next to it. I hardly had to wait at all before he was on his way over. I stood to greet him and we talked for a minute. As the movie was about to begin, he asked if I was sitting alone and I invited him to join me. Sweet! I thought… I had the perfect in to do so without looking obvious. We sat and commented through the whole thing… something I tend to do. It makes most people crazy, so I took special note that it didn’t seem to bother him… and in fact, he was participating. We took turns commenting on something, then asking the other what we’d missed because we’d been talking. I’m going to have to marry a man like this, I thought to myself again.

To be continued...



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