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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Thanks for the Birthday Wishes

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes

I just wanted to say thanks for all the birthday wishes last week. I heard from more than 20 of you... and it really was fun! I know it is easier to read and not comment most of the time, but I really do love to hear from you.

My birthday was different than planned, but still special. My Beloved made wonderful birthday plans... I knew he was up to something, but had no idea what until our car went into the shop and used up all the money for my birthday plans. My Beloved was sooo sad when he had to tell me the car ate my money, so I asked him what we WERE going to do. Well, Friday night we were supposed to go down to DC to meet his dad for dinner (down for a business trip). That part had been planned for weeks, but we canceled when the car got sick. Apparently My Beloved was making plans for us to stay overnight and spend Saturday in DC walking around. What a fun treat... I've not been since living here... which is to say in my adult life at all. :) We will still go someday... I just thought it was very special that he planned that for me.

So what did we do? We laid low most of the day... and tried not to spend money. I found a coupon on MoneySavingMom for a free kids meal at Bob Evans. I printed it out and we went there for breakfast... figuring that breakfast was cheaper than eating dinner out. Then for dinner we cooked together... it was fun. Oh, and my mom send my favorite cookies... we ate them all week. :)

Well, I'm thirty... it's true. I wonder what God has for me this year! :)



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