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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Ground Zero

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ground Zero

Have you ever looked around your house in amazement at just how bad it has gotten? Not really in a "bomb going off" kind of way, but in a "I can't believe we are living in this" kind of way. I did that last night just before being faced with a decision. My Beloved gave me a choice after our evening of errands and stores... watch part of a movie for a short bit before going to bed or recover the house so I wouldn't have to do it alone today. No contest... we watched the movie. I was just too tired to care. As I lay in bed later, sleepless, I hoped I would have the energy and drive necessary to do the job this morning. That remains to be seen. I'm certainly not awake enough yet, but hopefully after getting up and moving a bit inertia will take over. I've got to tell you though, having an almost 22 month old and almost 7 month old is not good for inertia!

I do have a meal plan for this week... I just need to put into my meal chart before I can get it to you. I've had it "ready" since Saturday when we did our shopping. I really thought I'd have it online earlier this week, but... oh well. Hopefully I'll post it later today with news of a nice de-laundried house. :) I do believe that is most of the problem... laundry everywhere!

One quick question... anyone else following wall street this week? Any thoughts? I'd love to know.

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