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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Learning for Little Ones: Counting to Three

Friday, September 26, 2008

Learning for Little Ones: Counting to Three

Welcome to Learning for Little Ones! Do you have an idea or activity you do with your little ones??? Please share it with us. I'd love it if you would write a post on it sometime in the next couple days and link up to our Mr. Linky. I would ask, though, that you include somewhere in your post a link back to this post so others can participate! Thanks!

Is it really Friday already? Looks like I completely missed Thursday...but no matter, I have a learning for little ones tip for you. Counting to three... and I'm not referring to discipline (for discipline we don't count to three in our home).

I've been including Tornado in a lot more of my cooking, which is to say he's helped with 3 dinners over the last week. While I'm hoping to make that a more regular thing (especially to stave off whinniness in the hour pre-dinner), I think you could apply this to lots of things.

We've been counting things like cups of flour, but where I've really seen progress is with 1-2-3 counting before we (yes we) dump something into the bowl. By the way... he then says "bye-bye to each thing that goes in... it's too cute. Sometimes (especially in the beginning) I have him say each number after me, other times I just count. More often than that though, I've found that after I say one, he'll say two, or after I say two, he'll say three. I wouldn't say he's anywhere close to counting on his own, but he is learning that two comes after one and three comes after two. Yesterday we added four as we counted each 1/2 cup of flour that went into the bowl.

Since then, we've started counting anything we can think of. Any of you do something similar???

What are you doing with your little ones? Write a post on your blog and link up here. Be sure to link directly to your Learning for Little Ones post and don't forget to link back here so others can participate too. Feel free to use my little Learning for Little Ones banner at the top. Don't have a blog??? Leave your ideas in the comments section. :) I'm so looking forward to visiting your blogs and learning from all of you!

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At September 26, 2008 at 3:38 PM , Blogger Little Mommy said...

That is a great idea! Ryan's fave cartoons are now on the hour or so before dinner and that helps with the whinning. Although I often feel guilty about that. Ryan says bye bye to everything now too. And it is the most adorable thing ever so I totally relate.

At September 26, 2008 at 4:30 PM , Blogger Julie said...

Strangely enough, we have been counting when we go up the stairs and Emma has picked up on that. She can count to 3, too, but skips 4 and can make it to about 8 or 9. Just from counting as we go up the stairs. It's amazing what they pick up on.


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