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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Turning Toward Christmas ~ Decorating

Monday, November 26, 2007

Turning Toward Christmas ~ Decorating

With the world's eye turned toward Christmas (ok... the Christian world at least), I am starting to wonder... what is the best time to decorate?

Growing up we weren't allowed to even start talking about Christmas, let alone decorate, until after my sister's birthday (December 8th). That seems a little harsh, and it was awful to wait those extra days, but you see, my mom made a promise! My uncle's birthday is a couple days after Christmas and she saw, as she was growing up, how his birthday just got lumped in with Christmas. Because of this she promised herself (and I'm sure my newly born sister) that wouldn't happen to her! So, what do you do to make sure it doesn't... you ban Christmas until after the birthday! It wasn't until late in our teen years my sister finally convinced my mom that it was ok... that she really wanted to decorate etc... and that she wouldn't feel less special. :)

In college, being far from home, it was tradition to bring out the Christmas decorations the Friday after Thanksgiving. In fact, I would invite a few close friends to my dorm room (when my roommates were out) and we would have a tree trimming party! I bought cocoa and snacks and we decorated my little 1 foot Christmas tree. It was more ceremonious than anything else as it took longer to boil the water for the cocoa than to "decorate" my room. :) Then we would play games and listen to Christmas music!

I carried this tradition beyond college to some extent. The Friday after Thanksgiving I pulled out my adult sized decoration box (still not huge) and would decorate my apartment along with my roommate/s. Christmas music would play and cocoa would be plentiful! Perhaps even a Christmas movie on the TV. Then after a couple weeks we would add the Christmas tree (don't want it dying before Christmas actually arrived after all.

Since being married, things are a little different. DH doesn't like crazy decorations like I do. :) Nor is he fond of most Christmas music (too bell ridden I think). Don't get me wrong... he is not Scrooge like, just doesn't make big deals out of things and definitely doesn't see the reason for all the "clutter" (you know decorations). :) So... in the spirit of compromise, and pleasing him... I hold off a little bit. I try to wait for Advent.

In past years Advent has been the same weekend of Thanksgiving, so it doesn't help much. This year, I am determined to give my husband the week off. :) I think that means I will be decorating this next weekend (or perhaps Friday while he is at work). There still aren't many decorations, which is good because we have a small home. If we get a tree at all (we skipped this last year as we had a very newborn in the house) it won't be for a couple more weeks.

But then... the question arose in my head and heart. What about my child's birthday (December 4th)? Should I be waiting too like my mother did??? But what about Advent? I may have to adjust with each new year as our son gets old enough to care what's going on, but for this year... we aren't waiting.

What do you all do? When do the decorations come out? When do you get your tree? (For a great article on real or fake for the frugally minded visit here.)

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At November 27, 2007 at 12:57 AM , Blogger Irene said...

Hey There. We're getting our tree Dec. 8th with Mary and Peter. We're going to go to a little tree farm and cut it down ourselves and have cider and take pictures and all that (I am wondering if I will be able to maneuver a stroller through the trees?!). We'll probably decorate around the 1st of December. I usually feel like the Christmas season is official Dec.1st. I did burn a "Home for the Holidays" candle today though and I did my first Christmas shopping. Found something for my father-in-law, hardest person to shop for out of the way!


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