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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Thankful ~ Part 2

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thankful ~ Part 2

It is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I have yet to really sit down and delve into what I am truly thankful for this year. Never, in all the words I could possibly type here, could I even think I can do justice to everything. Despite my desire to share all... this will still be just a glimmer of what I have to be thankful for!

  • My Lord! ~ Many of you have said the same thing. Of course it is the "right" response, but truly, I am thankful for who He is! I am thankful for his long suffering patience with me (reiteration deliberate... he is really patient!) I am thankful that I can fail and not loose any of His love. I am thankful that He is right there to help pick me back up when I am again ready to admit that I NEED Him to accomplish anything!
  • My husband! ~ Again, a no brainer... but specifically, how he appreciates me and the things I do whether I deserve the appreciation or not. I am not a very good housewife (there, I've said it!), and it's not because I am unable, but in many cases because I lack the organization or am forgetful. (I've been working on the organization thing... the forgetful thing I am shamelessly blaming on pregnancy and motherhood of small child!) Still, he is ever loving and patient, and appreciates what I do accomplish.
  • My son! ~ What a blessing it is to be a mother. My husband (precious as he is with our little boy) just doesn't understand it. I love to watch DS learn and play and whatever! I love when he lays his head on my shoulder, or looks to me to see if everything is ok. I love the feeling of his hands on my pants pulling himself up on me. I love how watching him laugh can make me laugh (thus making him laugh... and the cycle goes on). Motherhood is a blessing I never expected last Thanksgiving (I was reallllly uncomfortable last Thanksgiving!)
  • Our home! ~ This one will come as a bit of a shock when DH reads it because he knows better than anyone else all of the little details I can't stand about our little home (i.e. size, storage space, curvy walls, warped floors, un-weatherstripped doors, non-padded carpet, leaky sink, etc.) Truly the list does go on and on. But in the last 6 months plus, I have really learned to appreciate this great little home the Lord has provided for us (for a GREAT price) since we were married almost 3 years ago. We have a great view, comfortable home, wonderful rent, lovely landlord, nice neighbors, etc. We are happy here. Though I dream of the day we are in a home of our own, I also no longer count the days until we can leave here. I am quite comfortable here. Praise the Lord for HIS contentment in my heart!

I'll let my thankfulness rest here for now! If I never get back to it, at least I focused and shared the key things!

Take a few moments to focus on what you are thankful for this year!

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At November 20, 2007 at 4:26 PM , Blogger Mommy said...

Even though your thankful list sounds like "no brainers", to some that isn't the case.

I am thankful too for all the things that you listed on your list. The devil tries to distract us with discontentment.

I too have a little house, and one blessing that I LOVE about my home is that it FORCES me to only buy what I need, and to purge what I don't, and cleaning isn't a big huge chore that it would be if I had a bigger home. :)

Thanks for sharing your list. I am assuming your were dealing with morning sickness last thanksgiving. Now you can be thankful you can eat to your heart's content without throwing up everywhere! :)


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