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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Challenge #1 Update

Monday, December 3, 2007

Challenge #1 Update

For Day 1 of the Make Your Home a Haven Challenge we were supposed to tackle our entryways... go outside, step into the house with fresh eyes and fix it up a bit. Well... since my "entryway" is my kitchen/dining area/living room, I decided to back up a bit more and tackle my front porch. Here is a before picture:
Now... if I had really done a thorough job with this I would have scrubbed the side of our home and washed the lattice... but since this was to be a 5-15 minute project (and it was 35 degrees and really windy) I opted to sweep and hang a decoration on the door. :) The after picture:
Sadly... you can barely tell I did anything. :) I had just finished sweeping every leaf off that porch and stood feeling really great about how it looked when a big whirlwind of a gust brought a bunch more leaves onto my freshly swept steps. (Apparently spitting into the wind isn't the only thing you aren't supposed to do.) :) Here is a picture of my little door wreath! Isn't it cute??? It was a hand me down from special friends we have here. :)
Can't wait until tomorrow's challenge... hopefully it will bring me inside. :)
By the way... my little boy will be one year old tomorrow! Can you believe how fast time flies? I can't! There were several things I have been planning to accomplish before tomorrow (washing the front facing car seat, washing the used toy we bought him for his birthday) and somehow it has snuck up on me! I guess I have lots to do tomorrow!
Any idea about some snacks I can serve (with things on hand) to the guests coming to the party tomorrow night. I have a few things, but I'm on a zero budget for the party and this has snuck up on me too! :(



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