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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Weekend 2, Day 2

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend 2, Day 2

Does anyone else seem to remember me saying something like "there is no way I could make it this weekend if I got a full fledged infection!" If this isn't a full fledged infection, then I was right on with that statement!!!
As I was saying good night to my sweet husband last night, he urged me to take something for my fever. Trying to be the ever submissive wife, I did... and I'm so glad!! The first half of my sleep (and I use the term "half" *very* loosely!) was great! I slept from 10:30 straight through to, oh golly... 1:40! This was not the long stretch I was hoping for... nor anything like the long stretch I'd had the night before. Instead of winning yet another mother of the year award by listening to my ravishing infant scream until morning, I opted to do my duty and feed her. (Don't worry... I've never tried to win that particular award.)

She was all settled back in by 2:30 and I cozzied myself back into my lonely bed. Trouble was, I was freezing! I'd been so hot right before going to bed that I'd taken off my socks and sweatshirt. Now I was freezing underneath my sheet, blanket, and 2 quilts! You'd think I'd get up and do something about it, but I was just too tired. When DD awoke again just after 6, I felt like I'd barely slept at all. I fed her and quickly returned to the covers, in the mean time noting the temperature... it had dropped to -- are you ready for this? -- 70 degrees by 6:30 that morning! Hmmm... Tylenol anyone?? But did I think of that? No, I didn't even think to get a pair of socks for hour, at which time I also added my soft fleece robe! By 8:30, when I began hearing DS, it had dropped even lower to 68 and I was just starting to feel warmed up. Who was I kidding though... may as well start the day.

Well, I didn't go out today... didn't do much of anything actually, for which I am thankful to all of you for giving me permission! Even my sweet husband said something to me today on the phone about how I wasn't SUPPOSED to be cleaning (I love when he tells me NOT to clean). Breakfast was slated as eggs, you may notice (by the way, I'm extending the contest due to sickness, so if you haven't entered... get in there tomorrow... I'll announce sometime Monday if I'm better), but forget that. We went for the easiest thing I could think of... Eggos and applesauce! :) He was thrilled! Between breakfast and lunch there was playing, resting, nursing, and as little as possible other than that. I straightened the kitchen (doing no more than the basics) and cleared the table a little during breakfast and lunch.

During DS's nap this afternoon I got in two nursing sessions and a nap in between! I'm so glad I did that! Off and on all day I was either hot or cold. Tylenol is my friend... it helps keep me in a middle place.

DS got a bath after he woke up. I did this not because I'm super mom, but because it's easier than chasing him around the house. He was delighted to play in the bath for a while and I just sat near by watching. Dinner was easy old left overs and then I just watched him play. Not the most exciting day for him I'm sure, but it worked. He was down by 7, but not before we cleaned up all his toys together (we're just starting to work on cleaning up our own toys.) I sat by the toy basket and said, "ok... bring me that book... now put it in the basket... ok, bring me that block, now put it in the..." You get my point. Then I was free to just sit.

Now it's time to nurse again and go to sleep! :) I'm still trying to decide whether or not to take Tylenol just in case... I'd really like to sleep tonight!

Here are a few updated pictures. I wouldn't call them "after" pictures since the house isn't done... but here's what the house looks like this evening! :)
DS helped with the toys... now that I look at the picture, I see where a couple of the missing pieces are. :) Ah, the loveliness of strewn about baby laundry! And I'm pretty sure there are no diapers in this picture!

There used to be a diaper in this picture, but instead it is just more baby laundry... looks like I saved the leaky diaper blanket... hmmm... maybe I'll just move that on my way to bed.
Kitchen table almost looks like I could be done. :) I say push all that stuff over and 3 people could eat there! Unfortunately, that's the way it works a lot.

Pretty kitchen! I didn't do a single dish today... so those are all in the sink, other than that there's just 3 random towels on the counter... too lazy to hang them over the cupboard doors I guess.

And my desk... yes, it's a bowl... but it's a new bowl I promise!!! Huh... and my new header... what do you think of my new header?

Sleep tight!



At April 21, 2008 at 8:16 AM , Blogger Marva said...

Just wanted to let you know that i am thinking of you! Hope you feel better soon and I'm praying you through!

Many blessings and try and get some rest!

At April 21, 2008 at 10:58 AM , Blogger Nikki said...

It looks a lot better, and I hope that you feel better about it. Also, I hope that your mastitis is better. I haven't had that, but it sounds horrible.


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