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Friday, October 24, 2008

A new sound...

I'm so glad I was there to see Tornado's little face when the heater kicked on this morning. It's true, we usually do our best not to use the heater until the very latest possible time. In the past we've had a bit of a contest with ourselves to see how long we could go... but it's cold, and we have babies... so My Beloved set the bottom temp at 60 for the sake of the kids. It was pretty sweet the night he did it. It made me smile in my heart. As we were cuddled up in bed that night (for the sake of cuddling and the warmth it provides) he said he hoped the kids would be warm enough... since they can't cuddle with anyone.

Anyway, back to today. My little ones have been waking up at or before 7:30 these days. Not my favorite thing, but what can I do. So there we were in the living room, I was nursing Sweet Pea and Tornado was playing on the floor, when suddenly the heater kicked on. Tornado's face went serious and he looked up. A moment later he said "car." "No, it's not a car," I answered. He looked around a bit. I told him it was the heater (like that meant anything to him.) Then he stood up and ran to the hall. "See." He said. Next thing you know we were standing at the little medal door to the heater in the hallway. We had to go through this whole "don't touch" thing because it's going to get hot, etc., etc. But it was pretty fun. A "new" noise. Aren't little ones great fun!

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At October 24, 2008 at 3:29 PM , Blogger Julie said...

How cute! I love how at Tornado's age there are so many new experiences. Emma loves to "see" everything too.


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