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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who's counting?

I am! That's for sure. 5 mice in almost as many days. And yesterday morning there were 2!

Have you ever seen Ratatouille? **spoiler alert** That scene where they get caught in the kitchen and she shoots up her ceiling only to have it fall down on her. And ALL those rats are in there (it's a bit disturbing if you think about it)... that's what I am picturing somewhere in my home... a crazy huge nest of mice that come to my pantry to steal my egg noodles.

We caught what we thought was the culprit last week. We had found something chewed through, so we brought the traps back out. Then the other night I was finishing up an email on the computer while My Beloved headed to bed. It was mostly dark out here, as we were just about done for the night, when I heard crumpling in the pantry. Then it was louder... like scampering, but loud. I did some scampering of my own (more like scurrying) to get My Beloved to check it out... without contacts in and very blind. He found a 1/2 bag of egg noodles in there. That explained the loud scampering... he must have been in the bag. So we set the trap closer to that spot and put the remaining bags of egg noodles in the fridge for the time being (like I have room for that!) The next morning, mouse number 2 in the trap.

We left the traps out... just because. I was not expecting another mouse the next morning... let alone 2! Then I was really not expecting another this morning. Forgive me as I put a mouse count on my side bar! 5... can you believe it! 5!

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