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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are we having fun yet? or Motherhood or There are no pictures... you'll thank me later

I really couldn't decide on a title for this post... can you tell? There are so many others that kept running through my head last night as I changed my two year old's sheets for the 4th time (we don't have that many sets of his sheets, and ok, My Beloved did most of the linen changes since I was bathing and changing our son.

You guessed it... at about 10 last night (only about an hour after he fell asleep) my toddler woke up crying... and it was more than just an "I'm awake" cry. I headed down the hall to comfort my little one and to put him back to bed. In a hope that he wasn't all the way awake, I didn't turn on any lights.

As I bent down to feel my way to him, I felt something moist. YUCK! I thought. I stood and returned to the hall to flick the switch on. With light on my side, I returned to the scene of the crime to find my suspicions confirmed. Vomit! A big puddle of it next to my very upset boy.

I took a closer look at my guy before picking him up and holding him to myself to dispense comfort. Yuck! Off came the shirt. I picked him up carefully (not in a comforting way) and took him to the bathroom, turned on the bath water and grabbed a washcloth to start the wipe down. It was then I noticed that it was all over his hair. (Note: encourage child to chew zucchini in the future.) He was very upset and loudly crying through all of this process. Once the initial wipe down was done I let him hug me and cry while the bath water filled. He did not want to take a bath.

As I was putting him in the tub (against his will), My Beloved came to join us, very curious about what was wrong (having been on the phone when the whole thing started.) I did the fastest bath I could so I could let Tornado out of the bath and hold him till he calmed down. His little body trembled the whole time. Poor thing. Once clean and calmer, we set out in search of a new diaper and clean clothes for him to sleep in. Meanwhile, Sweet Pea was now awake and Daddy worked on the bed. Yuck! I owe that man dearly! Everything went into the wash... the sheet (after being shaken outside), the teddy bears, the blankets, the under sheet thing (whatever it's called)... everything!

Bed made new and kid calm and clean, we tucked him in (with new "animals" and blankets) and turned out the light. My Beloved headed for the kitchen to do a thorough cleansing of himself while I worked on getting laundry moved over so I could wash the mess!

Not 10 minutes later, and before the washer was finished filling, it all started again! Thankfully a bath was not necessary this time (or the other 3). A wipe down of face and hands and a change of shirt, sheets, blankets and animals was plenty. Then back in bed. The sheets we used were one of ours folded up smaller. The last couple times we got away with only changing his shirt and sheets.

Poor guy... He kept asking "what Tornado (of course he used his own name) do mommy?" He asks that a lot, but it was pretty sad this time. He is better this morning. We are hoping it was a reaction to dinner and not a virus that Sweet Pea will get. That sounds like even more fun!

Check this one off the list... first stomach bug!

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At April 30, 2009 at 2:32 PM , Blogger Kristin said...

Poor, poor thing! (And poor you, I must add1!) Owen had his first tummy thing early this spring at 2 1/2. We think it was a reaction to food, too, because no one else got sick and he recovered fast. So sad to see the little ones miserable.

At April 30, 2009 at 2:43 PM , Blogger Little Mommy said...

Just before we left for our first family vacation, just before he turned one, my oldest caught a stomach bug. He was still a very active nurser then and all he wanted to do was nurse. But that would just make him vomit more. I spent just over 20 hours on the living room floor with him, curled up so he could sleep and nurse. I just put down a couple of big heavy blankets (as a matress) and then covered an old pillow with a towel and we used towels and receiving blankets as blankets and sheets since we have more those than actual bed linens and it was therefore easier to change and clean up.
He passed the virus onto the little guy I babysat as well (since they both got sick at night after having spent the day togehter) and then onto both sets of parents. I hope Tornado continues to feel better today and that Sweet Pea does not get it.

At April 30, 2009 at 8:01 PM , Blogger Irene said...

Oh dear, well that's one of my biggest fears as a mother. Both my kids have never had multiple barfings....meaning they have only thrown-up once and it's over and that hasn't even happened much at all. I am so thankful but I have to say hearing about you going through it, gives me hope that I too can do it. It is so sad though to see them so uncomfortable and confused:( Keep us posted if it was just a Tornado thing or if Sweet Pea gets it...hang in there!

At May 4, 2009 at 6:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you have just experienced sickness you will be crying with laughter as you read my friend's post - It is the one about "Don't read if you are faint hearted."

Jenni Birch


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