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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: A Week in the Life of... Me:Friday

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Week in the Life of... Me:Friday

Whew... Friday. Wow. I have to wonder how many of my "readers" I've alienated this week. The week is over after this post though, and we will return to our regularly scheduled programming... whatever that is.

This morning started much like each of the others. A late night last night left me cuddled in bed with My Beloved at 8 this morning when I heard Tornado yelling, "Mommy, help cover!" over and over and over again. I decided I'd get up. "So much for my omelet," My Beloved said as I disappeared around the corner.

Turns out he was right. By the time everyone went potty and I got them dressed and Sweet Pea nursed, it was just about time for My Beloved to get out the door to work, but he decided he did have time for a quick omelet. I got it all started before realizing we had no cheese and no meat. So I scrambled the eggs instead. It was worth a shot.

With him gone to work I rinsed out the pan and started over again with eggs for the rest of us. I added a couple pieces of bread to the toaster oven (I put one in for My Beloved, but it didn't end up getting cooked) and double checked that it was set to "toaster" this time. Everyone was at the table eating by 9 at least. While they ate their eggs and toast and banana, I ate and cleaned and ate and cleaned. With clients coming at 10:30 I had a LOT of work to do.

While they ate I picked up all the toys and shoes and clothes etc from the living room and started the Roomba (our robot vacuum).

Around 9:30ish breakfast was done and kids were wiped up. We all headed down the hall for potty time. Sweet Pea played in their room while Tornado sat and I super fast cleaned up the bathroom.

Then back in the living room/kitchen we went. I cleaned up the dishes, placing them orderly in the sink and straightening up so it at least looked nice. I didn't think I had time to actually do them. From there I worked at getting rid of things that are "temporarily" being stored around the house for various projects and moved them to our bedroom. The house looked so much nicer already.

At 10:20 we headed back for potty time and I put Sweet Pea down for her nap. I did this deliberately late knowing that she was going to miss her afternoon nap, or at least have it deferred some.

Moments later the phone rang. I assumed it was My Beloved calling quickly before the clients arrived. Turns out it was the clients, stuck in traffic near the Baltimore airport, more than 2 hours away... 3-4 when traffic and weather were considered. She'd let me know if they could come later this afternoon or evening.

I hung up and looked around the room... it was pretty clean. The vacuum had been moved into the kitchen and was now finished. Things looked really nice. I decided to sit and blog about yesterday... something I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get to do. But Tornado wanted to watch Signing Time. My solution? Since he has to watch it on our computer (no TV and all), I sat him next to me, though he eventually moved to my lap, and let him watch it small on the screen. This was the first time I've been thankful for that program staying on top of all the others. I could just work around it and we both got our way. And he was quiet and safe and still and I got to be with him. It was great!

An hour later we turned everything off and headed back for potty time. Then it was time to start lunch. Tornado ate around noon, but I left Sweet Pea sleeping as long as she would to cover the interrupted nap schedule to come.

Tornado was done and clean before I heard her around 12:40. We did potty time, then I got her up. She nursed and then went right to the high chair for lunch. While she ate I got Tornado changed into his "church" clothes and even did my hair and got changed. Sweet Pea was next and we were all dressed and ready for My Beloved to pick us up by 1:30... right on time. The hardest part was keeping the kids from messing their hair while we waited for Daddy. This was especially hard for Sweet Pea since she rarely leave hair bands alone... but she was sooo cute! I just love that her hair is curly.

We didn't arrive home from the funeral (and a couple little errands on the way home) until after 4:30. Our friend "Uncle Heaven" arrived about a quarter to 5 to help My Beloved with his work leveling our garden sight.

Our menu for tonight certainly did change... from burritos (but I didn't remember I had to soak grain for the tortillas) to burgers (but there isn't any cheese and I didn't have time after the funeral to make buns). We settled on Spaghetti... and old stand by.

The guys headed outside around 5 and I sat down here to type a while after that... kids playing around me. Guys calling for me to get this and that and bring water and can you get that string?

When the water was *finally* ready around 6:15, I threw the pasta in for dinner.

Dinner was finally on by 6:45 and I had to have the house cleaned up and kids in bed by 7:30, the new arrival time for our clients.

I was just finishing putting away the food (dishes can wait) when they arrived at 7:30. We visited and talked "wedding" for an hour or so until they left just before 9. It was a great meeting, the first time we'd met the groom and the first meeting we've had with the couple at all... and their wedding is less than a month away. I was a bit concerned about this wedding until now, not knowing what to expect. Now I'm just excited!

I checked in on "the boys" for a few minutes after they left. I gave the just of some of the high points of the meeting to My Beloved. I was taking a breath before expounding more details when he informed me that they were really looking forward to the apple pie. Yeah... the apple pie. "I'll get right on that" I said with a smile and headed back up the steps. "I love you!" I threw over my shoulder.

I was glad I'd mentioned thinking about making it during dinner. I probably would have given up the idea had I not gotten his hopes up (it's his favorite.) Under normal conditions I never would have considered making an apple pie from scratch at 9 at night, but these weren't normal conditions. The last time I made apple pie, I made a double crust, then used a crumb topping instead, so the second crust was in the freezer waiting. I took it out to thaw earlier this evening. As an additional bonus, I still have canned apple pie filling (I learned to can this fall and did a bunch [or more] of apples... applesauce and apple pie filling.) I sliced up a couple more apples to fill it out some (1 quart of apple pie filling doesn't fill the crust as much as we like, so I add a couple more apples at the time) and dumped the rest of the filling in on top. I stirred it up some in the crust, just to make sure the juice got everywhere. Then I mixed up a crumb topping and put it in my preheated oven. There you have it... 9:30 and a homemade apple pie was in the works!

I stepped out to visit again, and hopped back in here to report in to you all. Next I will try to muster some energy to un-bury our bedroom from the "clients are coming" clean up. Then I might think about doing the dishes from dinner... then we'll see. My book is calling my name. :)



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