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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Good with the Bad

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good with the Bad

Monday carried a bit of both. In sad news, the difficult economy has finally hit our circle full force. My husband's office had to cut 17ish people on Monday (which is a large number when only 80 people work there in the first place.) We are blessed that he still has a job, but so many do not... many who we are close to and are so sad to see go. When you work for a ministry organization like this one, it hits everyone... especially since in the 80 something years since their inception, they have never before had to do lay offs. It was a sad sad day. In addition, the rest of the office is getting a 5% pay cut. We know God is in control, and we are trusting in him. We will just be buckling down a bit more. This is one more reason we are glad to be gardening this year!

In a bit of joy, Sweet Pea said her first word! "Bye-Bye"... though it sounded more like "ba-ba". I would have assumed she was just babbling, but she did her first wave at the same time... and then did it over and over and over. We were sitting together in a chair when it first happened and she saw what a reaction she was getting from me. She was getting a kick out of the attention and we had lots of fun saying bye bye to each other. What joy! I only wish we could bottle that stuff and share it with the others!



At March 25, 2009 at 2:55 PM , Blogger Pilar Stark said...

First everythings are just the best (talking about your daughter's wave).The other first was just not as good. We may not have as much as we would like, but God promises to supply all of our needs.Praise the Lord


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