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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One of my favorite things

I love the Tiny Love Mobile we had when our little boy was a baby. We found it at a second hand sale and I was so excited. I'm more into the "developmental" side of children's things than I am the "decorative". This didn't match our nursery at all, but I quickly got over that and loved playing it for Tornado. It played 3 different classical composers for 15 minutes each depending on which button you pushed.

Sweet Pea didn't get to use it. It mounts to the crib side (or chair as it is here) and until Sweet Pea was 8 or 9 or 10 months old, she slept in a pack-n-play while her brother was still in the crib. I'm still a little sad that she didn't get to use it, but what can I do... and now, as we are going through and trying to de-clutter our lives, we were hoping to pass this much loved mobile along to someone else who could use it.

I had selected a friend who is expecting and offered it to her along with a whole bunch of other things I just couldn't bare to get rid of... except to bless another with them. You see, though I do so hope we will have another child someday and am sentimentally attached to many of the baby things, I also hate to horde all these things when someone else could use them, either gifted or second hand.

Turns out, she already has a mobile... and one that matches the nursery too. Well, I slowly became ok with the idea of moving it to the ebay pile. If someone we know can't be blessed by it, maybe it can still be a blessing to a perfect stranger who finds it second hand like we did. So My Beloved took a few pictures of this adorable thing. (the one at the top and the next few.)

Didn't they turn out great. My photographer husband can't just snap a couple cheap-o pictures for me. No no, he has to play with fun lighting arrangements too. I'm just glad he had fun. And I'm pretty impressed with the fun look it gave my beloved mobile.

Sadly, as I was posting this Tiny Love mobile on ebay last night, we took one more thorough look at it. Hmmm... maybe it wasn't in as good a shape as I though. Upon closer inspection it looked a little dirty at the top, had scratches, a wobbly connector, and the battery area was corroded. We thought about listing it with all the details of it's woes, but in the end My Beloved decided it wasn't worth listing at all.

That was very sad to me. The only other thing to do with it now was to throw it away. Why would I want to throw it away. It works for us... maybe I should just put it back in the closet for "next time" (if there is a next time.) No, that isn't practical. We have other things to do with that space. It just needed to go. But that was indeed very sad.

This morning when Tornado woke up, he saw the parts to it laying in the kitchen and wanted desperately to play with them. I finally decided there was no reason he couldn't play with the animal part, so it kept him occupied while I made breakfast.

During breakfast I decided I could find a way to fix things up. I took my scissors and cut off the balls and animals that hung from the mobile.

These are the parts Tornado loved anyway.

I tied the balls together using their cords. I don't know why. I guess I figure it won't be as easy for them to roll away and get lost under furniture like all the other little balls we've lost.

Isn't he cute!?!

I may still decide to cut off the black cord closer to the animals, but until I decide, I left them.

This has made me feel much better. I still hate to throw away the rest of it, but I feel good about repurposing this part. It works for me!

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At March 4, 2009 at 4:03 PM , Blogger Dani Joy said...

my goodness... didnĀ“t know you could make a mobile look so interesting! :) jeje


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