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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Pink Overalls

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pink Overalls

I've just got to share some cuteness with you. I confess, I took these pictures back at the end of January, but I took them for you... so better late than never I suppose.

This is one of my favorite outfits on Sweet Pea. The socks can come or go... they just happened to be on her at the time. I wish you could have seen this outfit in all it's "from the front and including her face and headband" glory, but you can use your imagination. It was pretty cute.

Then (and the reason for this post in the first place) this happened. Yep... this is the dead of winter, and no, these are not supposed to be capris or cut-offs. It's just that (sniffle) they are too short. It's true... my baby grew when I wasn't looking and my favorite outfit is too small.

They're just too short to keep those ankles warm any longer. And it's too bad too, those overalls are lined with soft fabric inside and so cozy!

And yes, my baby girl likes to play with trucks. It's just part of having a big brother.

And have you ever noticed that when you are looking through your camera lens, you don't see anything else. And before you know it your 2 year old can decide he wants his sister to play with him and push him on his car, so he picks her up off the ground and carries her over to the car.

Yeah, I saw this through the view finder first. You can tell her foot isn't on the ground. We try to avoid this activity because sometimes he drops her and there is crying... I try to avoid the crying. We have enough of that in this house.

But because of their playing, I got this picture. The first (and maybe only) picture of Sweet Pea walking. Did I tell you she walks??? She'll be a year old next week and she's been walking for a while. It's crazy.

And no, I didn't crop this in photoshop so you can't see her head. I was taking the picture so you could see her pants were too short... I never expected her to take a step in front of my camera. The grandparents are going to be thrilled I've cut her head off in such an important (and adorable) shot.

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