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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Ambitious

Friday, February 27, 2009


This is my to do list for today. I made it up during breakfast. If you can read it, it says "birthday wish list" at the top. To clarify, it's My Beloved's birthday, but my wish list. These are the things I want to have done by the time my husband gets home from work this afternoon... to bless him. There is always some reason I don't get to house cleaning and such and our home has been sorely neglected of late (you know... the last few years). So as part of his birthday surprise, I want to make it sparkle as much as possible today.

You'll notice not much is crossed off my list in the picture. Here's my list in case you can't read it. I'll try to update it throughout the day. (it's in no apparent order as I just emptied my head onto the card and then went back to fill in skipped lines when I ran out of room.)

  • iron pants (My Beloved's... he will be very excited)
  • Laundry ~in the dryer now
  • Empty diaper pail (MB usually does this)
  • Empty trash (again, MB does this)
  • Vacuum living room and kitchen
  • Sweep/vacuum bathroom
  • mop bathroom
  • mop kitchen
  • dishes
  • de-clutter shelves in LR ~started
  • upload kid (business thing) ~started
  • clean toilet and sink
  • clear corner (in the kitchen)
  • make dinner ~rice is soaking
  • scrub kitchen
  • wipe toaster oven
  • dust main rooms ~1/2 done
  • order cards (business thing)
  • email update (picture update for family)
  • clear kitchen table
As you can see, this is a long list... and rather ambitious. We'll see what gets done. I'm not working on anything now because Sweet Pea is up and I'm expecting a client to pick something up shortly. Then I'll get back to the list.

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