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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: A Week in the Life of... Me: Wednesday

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Week in the Life of... Me: Wednesday

I think I will be glad when this "week in the life of..." business is over. It's been real hard to get to all the things I have to do and jot down an order and time that things happened in and remember to take pictures. Very hard. Not to mention that I really don't have the time to sit and blog it all out. But I said I'd do it, and I'm going to do it... at least through Friday. Don't count on Saturday.

I began my morning a tad bit earlier than the other days... and feel really good about it too. I was up before the kids... 30 minutes before the kids as a matter of fact. It's amazing how that can make you feel... unless the kids woke up at 6 am... then I don't feel so good about being up at 5:30. But then, maybe that's what time I should be getting up. I may get more done. And I could justify and have time for a nap in the afternoon.

Anyway... my day:

7:45 am ~ Wake up and get ready... including clothes, shoes and brushing my teeth! Wow!

8:00 am ~ throw all the chicken stuff into my dutch oven/5 qt. pot and add the water and veggie stuff it needs. I've been saving the ends onions and garlic and such for just this occasion. I added a thing of celery and a broken up carrot or two, lit the fire, threw the lid on and walked away...

8:15 am ~ ... all the way to the kids room to get them up. Potty time for Tornado/diaper change time for Sweet Pea and dressed both kids. Sweet Pea nursed.

8:30 am ~ Start breakfast (scrambled eggs) with Tornado on the counter eating cut up celery and carrot while I cook (they were still on the counter and he wanted some... what was I going to say? "um, no honey, you can't have vegetables... you haven't had your breakfast yet." Um, no. Sweet Pea played nearby.

8:40 am ~ My Beloved leaves for work. Beef roast comes out of the freezer to thaw (on the counter for a bit, then in the sink with water after dishes were done.) Kids and I sit down for breakfast.

9:00 am ~ Potty time, start bread in bread machine

9:15 am ~ Dishes with Tornado, Sweet Pea plays on blanket near us in the kitchen (at one point in there we all gathered up and went out to meet the mail lady.)

10:00 am ~ Sweet Pea nap time, Tornado potty time

10:15 am ~ "quick" computer/blog time, Tornado played blocks and cars nearby.

11:30 am ~ Circle time with Tornado

11:55 am ~ "accident"/potty time... new pants

12:00 pm ~ Sweet Pea nurse, Tornado reads book on couch

12:15 pm ~ Serve lunch (sandwiches on fresh bread for Mommy and Daddy, leftovers for kids)

1:00 pm ~ potty time for Tornado, put kid clothes away while kids play in room, kiss crushed fingers, jammies for Tornado, Tornado down for nap

1:15 pm ~ Sweet Pea and Mommy play on couch. Sing some songs and crawl around laughing (her, not me)

1:30 pm ~ Business work, Sweet Pea playing nearby, police/correct through nap time

2:00 pm ~ Tornado sleeping, put Sweet Pea down. Proceed to listen to her throughout the afternoon. Design new letterhead for business

3:30 pm ~ Letterhead design done, find recipe for beef roast, prep dinner... listen to Sweet Pea playing and fussing intermittently

4:00 pm ~ ruin dinner by adding barley 1 1/2 hours early instead of waiting till the end.

4:15 pm ~ computer work and blog reading

4:30 pm ~ start working on this post

4:45 pm ~ Tornado up, joins me to cuddle while I type, think about how terrible I've been about taking pictures today. Sorry! Maybe I'll have to take parts of my day apart some time in the future and get pictures for you.

5:00 pm ~ potty time for Tornado, let Sweet Pea get up... having not slept at all this entire afternoon! Nurse and read to Tornado. Let Sweet Pea crawl around on me and couch.

5:20 pm ~ no idea, honestly.

5:40 pm ~ My Beloved walked through the door. It was great!

6:00 pm ~ Potty time for Tornado, laid around, talked about working at cleaning up the kitchen in the last minutes before dinner.

6:20 pm ~ My Beloved helps me strain chicken stock and pour it into ziplock bags.

6:30 pm ~ Dinner served.

7:00 pm ~ Nurse Sweet Pea, take vitamins (I never remember this!)

7:10 pm ~ Sweet Pea in jammies, Daddy cleans up Tornado, potty time and prep for bed, singing, praying, tucking in.

7:30 pm ~ Close door to kids room! Woo Hoo... early! Time with My Beloved... just the two of us!

8:00 pm ~ Clean up kitchen from dinner, My Beloved on back deck building plant boxes for our raised beds.

9:00 pm ~ Sat down to finish blog post. :)

Wow... pretty exciting day huh? It was slow and lazy... at least I was. The cloudy dark day and constant rain and drizzle killed my motivation. Still, when I consider what I did get done... Chicken Stock (3 quarts worth) made and in the freezer, a yummy dinner My Beloved was excited about made and served to my family, fun time with both of my children, and some business thrown in there... really it doesn't look like such a bad day. Of course I know the things I wish I'd gotten done... and I just felt blaw.

I guess there is one benefit of writing out all my accomplishments for the day. Normally My Beloved would ask what I'd done all day and I would just shrug and say I know I did something, but I can't think of anything. Anyone else have that problem?



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