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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Up and Coming

I've decided to make a decision, two decisions as a matter of fact... and I got my husband's blessing and everything.

#1 - Affective immediately, this week is "A Week in the Life of..." week here at Stay at Home Mommy. And whose life are we going to be following? Why, Babychaser's life of course! (ehem... that's me, in case any of you missed that.) On some deep level (to be completely forthcoming) I'm hoping this will keep me accountable to actually do all the things I'm supposed to do this week. We'll see.

#2 - With the economy being what it is, and with our 5% pay cut taking affect on the 15th, I am officially assigning our family with a frugal challenge for the month of April. This could be huge! It means a lot of work for me... since in the last couple months we've done a lot of eating out due to necessary convenience (i.e. I didn't have dinner ready). While there are a couple projects going on around here that will require that we spend money (a greenhouse My Beloved is building and a water/power generator thing he is working on), we will otherwise try to reduce extra spending to nothing! Groceries? Yes, we can have those, but no little extras. No eating out, no ginger soda splurging, no late night doughnuts (did I mention that we have a couple weaknesses in our quest to healthy eating?) That's right... no spending!

Anyone want to join us??? We're starting .



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