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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: A Week in the Life of... Me: Tuesday

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Week in the Life of... Me: Tuesday

My Tuesday was a pretty normal day... though I was running even more behind than Monday. Another late night and we all slept in. One of these days I'll break that cycle. I've determined to try to give you as much detail with as little actual typing as possible. Yesterday's post was a little out of hand.

8:00 am ~ Kids up, Potty Time for Tornado and get him dressed, nurse Sweet Pea and change and dress.

8:30 am ~ Prepare Oatmeal, Daddy leaves for work, kids play

9:00 am ~ Potty Time

9:15 am ~ Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats (soaked the night before) with applesauce (for sweetness and coolness) and raisins... though Sweet Pea doesn't have the raisins yet. Clean up kids.

10:00 am ~ Mommy computer time, kids play

10:30 am ~ Potty time for Tornado, Sweet Pea down for a nap (we're running behind schedule about a half hour on this)

10:45 am ~ My mom called, we chat for 15 minutes

11:00 am ~ I have breakfast... toast with jelly.

11:15 am ~ Look around the house... decided to do something about the crazy mess that is everywhere.

This is where times and such start getting a little fuzzy. The cleaning that I started here went off and on throughout the day. It mingled with kid time, potty time, discipline time, etc.

12:00 pm ~ Wake Sweet Pea, start pot of water to boil for pasta (I had very little bread to feed kids for lunch), nurse sweet pea

12:15 pm ~ My Beloved coming home, make open face sandwiches with last two pieces of bread

12:30 pm ~ All at table for lunch, clean up lunch.

1:00/1:30ish pm ~ Tornado potty time and in jammies for nap. Police nap time with constant reminders, corrections and some frustration.

2:00 pm ~ Tornado still awake, put Sweet Pea down for nap too. Kids proceed to play and disregard Mommy's correction for the next hour and a half. I get little bits of business work done on the computer between needs for correction.

3:00 pm ~ I take up my post at the door of the kids room for prompt correction (things have gotten worse.) Work on outlasting Sweet Pea and training her to lay down in bed, not just get back up again. This lasts a half hour or so.

3:15 pm ~ Tornado in Sweet Pea's bed, gets corrected and put back to bed. Regular corrections for both children continue.

3:40 pm ~ Tornado gets corner time for getting up on his bed again. Sweet Pea falls asleep while we he is gone.

3:55 pm ~ Tornado back in bed.

4:00 pm ~ Tornado in corner again for blatantly disobeying and trying to wake up sister.

4:20 pm ~ Tornado potty time and dressed. With me in kitchen, sitting on counter with hands folded in lap (tightly tomato staked) while I make dinner and

5:15 pm ~ Sweet Pea awake and nurse. Tornado potty time.

5:20 pm ~ My Beloved home. He ground some flour for bread for me. Tornado outside digging in dirt with Daddy. I worked on more business things.

5:40 pm ~ More dinner prep.

7:00 pm ~ Chicken done... Sit down for dinner.

7:40 pm ~ Potty and bed time for kids.

8:00 pm ~ My Beloved headed back outside to work on garden site more and I cleaned up dinner.

The great thing about roast chicken is that you can use it for several meals. I cleaned off the bird, putting chicken in tupperware for Thursday night's chicken casserole and the rest of the bird parts for making stock.

9:30 pm ~ Kitchen (and house) clean!

9:35 pm ~ Make smoothies for our evening snack and re-clean up.

9:45 pm ~ Settle onto couch to watch program with My Beloved and massage his sore muscles. (He's been working hard in the yard.)

10:30 pm ~ Bed time... read some.



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