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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: This weeks challenge

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This weeks challenge

I've set myself a goal for this week. I'm trying to get up at 6 each day to get a jump on the day. Well, yesterday it was 6:20 when I stumble from bed to the shower (yes, that's right... the shower. Amazing!) I got granola made in time for My Beloved to have some for breakfast before leaving for work and bread started in the bread machine. I got the dishes organized too, making the kitchen look much cleaner than it had.

This morning it was 6:15. My Beloved was to shower later this morning, so I left him the hot water and skipped right to getting dressed to the shoes (a philosophy I shrugged off long enough, now to admit that for me it's the only way to be productive around the house). I wiped down the sink and toilet in the bathroom and moved out to the kitchen. I booted up my computer (for a recipe) and straightened up the living room from the toy mess I left last night. Recipe on screen, I moved to the kitchen to whip up these delicious Whole Grain Banana Oatmeal Muffins (where I substituted approx. 1/2 hard red wheat and 1/2 soft white wheat ground in my own kitchen, and oil for applesauce because we ate all the applesauce.) They were very good... even my husband said so! And... they were ready for breakfast this morning.

I got Tornado up around 7:30 and we took out some trains to play with. I got a couple blogs checked and the kitchen mess organized and cleaned a bit (again, waiting to use the hot water.)

Now here I am... just after 9 and so much already done. Now if I can just be productive the rest of the day!

How about you? Do you get up early to get things accomplished. I find that I get pretty tired later in the day... any of you beat that one? I'm working on getting to bed earlier, but I struggle to fall asleep.

Off I go... to get more done!

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