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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Saving Money on Diapers!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saving Money on Diapers!

I mentioned briefly that we're crimping down our budget to save anything and everything we can these days (the reasons why still to come). We left the grocery store this last time at just over half of what we usually spend (it won't always be possible, but we were thrilled with that time!) I've avoided several "eat out because I don't have anything for dinner" expenses (which were becoming more common in the last month or so). I imagine that alone has saved us $50 or more dollars! We're making more budget friendly meals.

Well, today I'm trying to get one more budget buster reduced to it's minimum! Diapers. It's early... earlier that I was going to try this anyway, but worth the attempt! In the hopes of reducing diapers to nap and bed times for Sweet Pea (Tornado has been doing this almost a year now), I've put her in underwear this morning. I'm following a plan taught to me by my dear friend J. So far, one accident and now we're waiting... no successes, but think... I saved a diaper already!

I'll keep you posted on this money saving venture!

And yes, I'm ok with being the one trained at this stage... it's still cheaper!

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