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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where was I?

It's a valid question! Especially since I just up and disappeared, not only from this blog, but from commenting and visiting around the blog world.

A week ago Thursday, My Beloved was showing a little You Tube video of a truck exploding (Mythbusters) when all of a sudden the "blue screen of death" was all that could be seen. I've seen this and heard about it on other people computers (believe me... it's not good) many times. My Beloved is the Help Desk Administrator at his work and helps lots of sick computers on the side... so I know this is bad. It's just never happened to MY computer before.

So the next morning (Friday), my computer was packed up and taken to work with My Beloved. It was a long, computerless day! It confirmed my addiction and yet was oh so nice to have no option to sit down "for a minute" at the computer. You can't imagine how much I got done around here. Not to mention how much more time I got to spend with my kids and how restful my minutes just sitting were!

I will admit that it was with some sadness I watched my computer re-enter our home that evening followed by a box of new parts. My Beloved spent that evening and all day Saturday working on getting me up and going again (what a blessing that we don't have to take our computer "in" to have it worked on!)

Saturday night I sat down joyfully to my "new" computer and surfed around for a while. Ahhh... it was nice! I missed it for those almost 48 hours it was unavailable! Sunday was family day, Monday was very busy... I didn't get to get much computer work done at all (yes, with our business there is a certain amount that needs to be done on the computer). Tuesday I worked on a couple things (playing catch up since I am running behind on album design and orders) in the afternoon while the kids slept. It was hot and I was trying desperately not to turn on the air conditioner.

At 4:15ish, just as I was preparing to put in Signing Time for the kids, I proceeded to dump a half glass of water on my new computer. I didn't know what to except to turn it off and walk away! I did know that much. (Unless that was wrong... um, I don't know.) Instead we went outside to play... it was at least 15 degrees cooler out there.

With much sadness, guilt and shame I told My Beloved what happened when he returned home. It wasn't looking good for my brand new computer parts.

The next morning (Wednesday) we waved good-bye to Mommy's computer again as it headed to the office with Daddy. It wasn't until Thursday night that we saw it return to us again.

I am excited to say, though, that by the time it re-entered our lives (my life, I should say), I was very unhappy to see it! I don't want it back. Not really. I got so much done this week... so much play time in with the kids, and really enjoyed being "unplugged". That isn't to say I didn't miss certain aspects of having it around (hence I am here at all), but I refused to touch it that first night.

Friday morning, knowing both that I didn't want to use the computer and that I had some work that needed to be done on it, I hopped out of bed early and got a whole hour of album designing and business emailing done before the kids were up. When the time came, I turned the whole thing off and walked away!

My new goal is to get up early to get my computer time done and over with so that I don't need to use it throughout the day. Some days will also include some nap time usage and others will include some evening usage (if My Beloved is working on his or something), but overall... I want to pretend it's not here.

Now, this doesn't mean I won't be blogging... but it does mean I will be working hard to streamline my time online and on computer. I will be doing more brainstorming with paper and pencil and working hard to minimize the time I sit at this desk and type (and read). I am hoping I can manage both... a computer-free (to some extent) lifestyle and a life that uses the computer. We'll see how it goes!



At July 7, 2010 at 11:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A blue blessing in disguise!!! Sounds like a good plan!


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