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Friday, November 4, 2011

I love this!

Ok... I'm loving two things today.  (Well, besides reading to the kids, dinner from the freezer, and a slightly caught up kitchen!)

Oh, yes, back to those two things!  Sorry.

First, is entrepreneurial opportunities for our kids!  I just love that.  I love the idea of five year olds growing and selling sun flowers, raising produce for a road side stand, and now, young girls selling beautiful things!  Growing entrepreneurial spirits in our children does a number of things for them.  In running a business (or helping alongside a family business), children learn about money, business, and work.  I'm sure there is more too.  In a sewing business, they are learning and practicing valuable skills... as they are in a cookie baking business, or other crafts.  Domestic skills, gardening, creativity... all these things can be fostered.

In addition to all these, potentially more obvious, benefits, our children (and especially our daughters) are being given experience and opportunities to help make some money from home for future families... enabling them to bless their husbands while being a keeper at home!  I love this

And the other thing I'm loving today???  Lilla Rose!

Have you heard of it?  I have a hard time believing you haven't heard yet because I have been seeing them around for a while now (around blog land that is).  I think they are just stunning, and I've given my hand at a few giveaways here and there, but otherwise I haven't paid too much attention.

Until last week that is... and for real, today.  Just today I was reading over at one of my favorite blogs and this was the post.

Two girls in this sweet family are now consultants for Lilla Rose!  (Ah, now you see how my two things I'm loving today are related!)  They directed me over to some videos on You Tube to see how hair can be styled with these special hair clips.

The kids and I watched all the videos they had... and I so totally want one!  Or three.  Or more.  Maybe.

I have plans.  I may just use birthday money to get a couple.  Or maybe I'll leak the information for Christmas (um... I believe I just did.)  But Christmas is so far away! (Ok... maybe not.)  For now, I'm trying to win a couple over here!

But this is huge for me... for me to find something I'm willing to spend birthday money on is a big deal!  So why do I want these?  Especially when I could hit Target and find 2 or 3 various hair clips for the same price???  Let me count the ways...

  1. I have a ton of very thick hair that comes to just about my mid back.  Not layered at all.  Traditional clips don't work great for me.  I have one (in all the years of my adulthood) that I can use just to put it in a "ponytail" without using a scrunchy.  All others have broken over the years.  I have no idea where this one was gifted from... and it's not anything special.  Just brown.  No where near this pretty!
  2. I always wear my hair up!  I bugs me around my face and it bugs the kids down around my shoulders... not to mention the little hands that want to play in it.  Then there is the fact that I don't spend a lot of time (read: any time) on my hair in the mornings.  A bun is easier, faster, and totally do-able!
  3. My husband really hates scrunchies!  I mean really.  For that very reason alone I should have burned them all years ago.  Yet, as I type, one holds back my hair in a low, thick, unbrushed (I'm going for full disclosure here!) ponytail.  Some little hair pretties that can actually hold all this hair in an attractive way... I'm not sure why I don't already have some!
I could probably go on... but these are the big ones!  I'd encourage you to head over and look at what Lilla Rose has to offer through Amber's (15), Kaitlyn (13) and Alyssa's (11) site!

And take a minute to enter for a chance to win a couple!

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At November 4, 2011 at 3:23 PM , Blogger amberolive said...


This is Amber. Thank you so much for this sweet post promoting our giveaway. I really enjoyed it. Thanks again!!!

Lord Bless,


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