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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: A little love... or "what I would have done if..."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A little love... or "what I would have done if..."

I wanted to make these in chocolate chip!
I've been dreaming up Valentine's Day plans for weeks now... and I've been using my new Pinterest account to help me!  I knew I wouldn't get to everything, but I thought that maybe if I could do just one or two, it would make the day special for my littles. 

Step one was going to be spending time talking about love... God's love, how we are to love one another, etc.  Now, we did do some "heart" activities early in the month and we've been memorizing Matthew 22:37-40, so I'm not a total failure, but as for the things below to make today special... not so much. 

But, I comfort myself with the reminder that it's been a bit hectic around here lately and I'm feeling pretty good to have gotten dinner on the table most nights.  :)

You see, all three of my children have been working through high fevers at their own paces over the last week and a half.  :(  Poor kids!  My 18 month old has it now.  Couple that with seemingly constant contractions and reduced (even more than normal) sleep for me... and an OB appointment this morning early, and it's no wonder things didn't happen!

So here are some of my favs from my V-Day board on Pinterest.  Click over to see the rest and link through to the originals!

Love the recycling happening here... if only I hadn't eaten all the candy canes!

Was totally going to make these with the kids for grandparents and single ladies at church!

Maybe someday...

I want to make this long one for another season too... maybe with changeable covers!

I ground the flour for these yesterday... do I get partial credit???

Love these!!  Maybe for Sweet Pea's birthday instead... in pink!

So there you have it... Woulda coulda shoulda... maybe next time! :)  Instead of beating myself up though, I'm moving on to what I may be able to accomplish before tonight gets here... dinner maybe???  And a candle?

In the mean time, we're working to keep that fever lower than 103.8... yep.  Poor baby! :(

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