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Friday, March 2, 2012

For all who are wondering...

No, baby girl did not come on Leap Day... nor yesterday. 

My mom called me a watched pot.  Was she trying to encourage me???  Hmmm...

But there is still plenty I can do... and I don't expect her to come this early anyway. 

Truth be told, even though I'll welcome her whenever she comes, I'd kinda like to wait till next weekend anyway.  You see, we missed our window.  Yes, I feel a little like the space shuttle.  But it's true.  We missed our window, and the next window doesn't open again until March 9th (or 10th?). 

Had our baby come on or before February 28th, we had the perfect friends ready and willing to take our other three children while I labor.  But now, and until next weekend, they are in Florida.  I do finally have a back up plan, but I'm not as comfortable with it.  So... we'll see when this little one comes, but I'm ok with another week. 

Sort of. :)

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