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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: "Never" been like this before

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Never" been like this before

The last days of my wait for Little Man

Three or four (or more?) weeks ago I began having decent contractions.  The feel real kind.  The kind where I just need to sit down and relax my body to get through it kind.  The "don't touch me" kind... or the "I just need a minute" kind.  The kind where my tall 5 year old bumping into me in the thrift store during it just about sends me over.

Also, about three or four weeks ago, I began saying something to the affect of: "it's never been like this before... not this early... not this regularly."

And I believed it too.  And as far as I can remember... it's still true.

But then today I stumbled on an old blog post.  One that I found very encouraging.  But also one that showed how very poorly we women carrying babies can remember anything.  At. All.

So, now... with only 3ish weeks to go (or 5... whatever), I can know that, yes, indeed, constant contractions for the last couple months of pregnancy are pretty normal.  Just one more joy of pregnancy! :)

Click over to see God's grace in it all!

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