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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: July 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fresh Fruit

I have recently been struggling to get my 7+ month old DS to eat. All the things he used to love were being rejected, though not every time. I was at the end... no idea what to do. Then a friend (3 kids ahead of me) mentioned that he may be bored. Not from flavor (because we have lots of different flavors) but from texture. I have been making almost all of his baby food since starting solids, and it is all the pureed concistency. Yum... right? Not so much.

I had purchased one of those food mesh bag thingies to put fruit in so he wouldn't choke, but we hadn't tried it yet. So for fun a few days ago I put a slice of nectarine in it instead of trying pureed and he loved it. I also started introducing small pieces of bread (which I monitor) and he loves that too. Now when I do feed him mushed up things (broccoli, sweet potatoes, etc.) he is more than happy about it. Amazing what mixing it up a bit can do for a baby!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Baby Notes

Last week (or maybe the week before now) I sat down to do an art project with my 6 and a half month old DS. The plan was to make note cards I could use for thanks you notes etc. That part worked, but not the way I thought it would. We started out planning to do cute things with finger prints. I was going to put baby finger prints all over the fronts of the cards in different colors and then add legs to make bugs. Cute idea I got from someone a long time ago (first name Michelle, last name I don't remember). As it turns out, it is difficult (at least alone) to make a baby put down just a finger print! We opted for a little easier and I painted with a brush the whole hand. This still wasn't easy, but we did get a cute hand print. Instead of bugs, we are just going with the hand print for now. Realistically, the recipiants will just love that it is his hand print and not care that there are no bugs.
Here are a few samples! Have fun with this one!

Oh, I did manage to get finger prints on the envelopes... one each. I then wrote "A Note from Will" on the front.

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