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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Ministering Together with Your Husband

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ministering Together with Your Husband

There has been some talk over at Biblical Womanhood about a woman’s ministry verses her place in the home. I think this is a common question/concern for many women. I too often feel like I wish I could do more… but when I am doing more, I feel the need to be at home. What is the answer?

I think you will find that the answer for you and your family is different than the answer for me, or for the family in the pew next to you, or the family across town. The reason for this is that God has a different plan for each of you.

I am a dreamer… I have big dreams for all the things I want to accomplish or have my hands in. I make big plans (often bigger than I am capable of accomplishing) and get all excited about them. I want to be a part of everything and to do it all up huge. The problem is that none of these things fall anywhere near the top of my priority list. In September when I announced to my husband that I wanted to be a part of the church’s Christmas Cantata he just looked at me. Instead of what I deserved… an “are you kidding me?!?,” he very gently and graciously mentioned that he didn’t think it was a great idea with all the other things we are involved in, and that maybe next year would be better. He is so very wise (of coarse next year I will have another new baby)!

This brings to the forefront a very important principle. As we seek which ministry opportunities we can stretch our hands out to participate in, we should be seeking our husband’s input. Then, hands down, if he says he doesn’t want you to participate, or even if he hints that he doesn’t think it is the best idea, honor your husband! Honor his place as head over you and graciously accept his advice. This won’t mean you can never participate, and it doesn’t have to mean you can’t do anything.

My husband and I love to do everything together! We love to work together, play together, and minister together. From the very beginning of our marriage (almost 3 years now) we have made ministry decisions based on whether or not we could do them together. There are things we do separately as well. When our pastor asked DH if he would take the ministry of being the church’s “Computer Guy”, he didn’t say no because I couldn’t help. He has taken on that ministry. And tonight, it is my plan to help decorate the church for Christmas. Overall, though, our regular ministry is something we can do together.

My husband and I have the opportunity to lead the Children’s Choir and Drama together on Sunday nights. There are a couple other ladies without whom we could not survive, but our names are on the “leaders” list. This is our second year to do it, and this year we have taken on the huge project of a Christmas musical that we will perform as part of the Sunday morning service on December 9th!

Each Sunday evening we drag ourselves out of the house (why is it we never want to go… even when we enjoy it so much once we are there?) to spend the hour plus of the Sunday evening service with the church’s 3-11 year olds.

Last night I was struck by what a special blessing it is to minister alongside my husband. When it comes to these children, I take the lead. I wrote the music and dialog for our musical, therefore I am the director. It also helps that I have the loud voice and a (eh em) control issue. J My sweet husband has never been intimidated by this however and the system works quite nicely. He is so good at filling all my gaps. He notices the details I miss when distracted by other things. He tells me which kids aren’t participating, which songs need to be gone over again, and a multitude of other little details that need fixing. He is happy to sit next to a child who needs “special” attention, or to remove a distracting toy from another. But my favorite part is when he stands up there with me, when he holds my hand for a minute, or when he just smiles from the side of the room!

I have the opportunity to minister in our church and to spend quality and quantity time with my husband at the same time! I am so very blessed!

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