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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Perk for Planning Ahead

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Perk for Planning Ahead

Yesterday I painstakingly sat down to figure out our meal plan for this week. It wasn't easy and, let's face it... I didn't want to do it! But what if I hadn't. It's possible I would have had a plan for today, but it is likely that, though I do have all the ingredients, I would have had no idea what to make and would have completely forgotten my options. That would have been very sad!

Why sad you ask? Inconvenient yes, but sad? Yes... this morning at my ladies Bible Study I learned that a woman in our church who has been hospitalized has taken a turn for the worse. After resuscitating her this morning and putting her on a ventilator, they are now running tests to find out if she is getting any blood to her brain at all. I hurt with my whole being... not for her (as she is safe in the arms of our Father in His perfect timing whatever may happen), but for her husband and family. My first thought when I heard all this was that I had the perfect meal on menu for tonight and that, since I was just going to freeze half of it anyway, I could provide a meal for this family.

Had I not made my weeks plans last night I wouldn't have been able to easily fill this need. Praise the Lord for helping me grow in this area these past couple months!

By the way... please be praying for Kate (in the hospital) and her husband Bob, and their children and grandchildren at this time! Thanks!

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