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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We interupt this program...

I never expected my 100th post to be a quickly (I had plans... not big plans, but plans)... but it is after all. I know some of you are waiting for the next installment of DS's birth story, and others of you are waiting to hear about my pile of laundry (still in its pile form I'm afraid!), but I wanted to let you know it will have to wait until tomorrow. No dinner got started, the house isn't clean, etc.

I was in a very minor accident this morning (I still love snow... I just don't like driving in it!). The roads were fine, but the church parking lot was a little more slippery than I could handle. I slipped into the curb (going not very fast), but the airbags deployed (burning my arm ~ ouch!). I wasn't worried about anything... then when I finally heard back from my OB, she said standard protocol is to go into the hospital for 6 hours of monitoring to make sure the placenta is fine and all. Now I'm only a little worried. Every time my baby girl kicks though I am reassured that God watches over us! :)

Anyway... just a quick word to say I'm fine, but please pray for us... and I'll be back tomorrow (it'll be a late night for us tonight!)

Yey... lots of kicking all of a sudden... that can only be a good sign!



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