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Being Brave: Making Spinach Quiche all by myself!

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Being Brave: Making Spinach Quiche all by myself!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Being Brave: Making Spinach Quiche all by myself!

I was commenting to my sister this afternoon that I felt very accomplished this week. The only reason I can figure is that I have done quite a bit of real live cooking... some of which included recipes I'd never tried before. One of those recipes was Tammy's Spinach Quiche. Never having tried to make quiche before, I really didn't know what to expect. Since I told you I'd try to let you know how it went, here's my report!

We started out with a whole wheat crust (a very scary thing if you ask me). We've been doing a lot more wheat in our diet, so that wasn't the scary part... it was the making of a crust that had me... it's the whole reason my poor DH has been deprived of the promised apple pie I was going to make at Christmas. Crust is hard work... but somehow, this one wasn't! I'm thinking about using it for the apple pie... perhaps if I add a bit more sugar... what do you think? (Maybe I just need to do the regular crust... I'm probably making it out to be worse than it is!)

***Hint: Turn on the oven to pre-heat before starting the crust... very annoying to have to wait FOREVER for your oven to pre-heat when you are ready to use it! The good news is that this wasn't the only thing that took more time than intended.

Next we browned some meat... wouldn't this have gone faster and smoother had I remembered that there was meat in it and taken it out of the freezer before it was time to start cooking! So what you see here is me thawing/cooking... at the same time. That is why there is both browned meat and a big pink hunk in the picture.

While the meat thawed/browned, (and the oven slowly pre-heated), I did some chopping. First the onion (with my Pampered Chef food chopper), then the spinach (with my Pampered Chef food chopper). I used canned spinach instead of fresh or frozen because we have 3-4 cans I picked up real cheap a while back. Just make sure you drain it! The recipe says to skip the "cooking it with the meat" part if you don't use fresh, but I missed that part till later. It worked ok though becasue the cooking with the meat part helped get rid of the rest of the moisture.

Oh... while the oven was pre-heating I moved the crust to the kitchen table so I would have room to work (keep in mind the size of my kitchen work area). I thought I put it back far enough, but while I wasn't looking my 14 month old got really tall (how does this happen by the way?) and he could still reach it... notice the 2 finger marks that weren't there in the first picture. I caught him the second time apparently... then noticed he had something in his mouth. If not for the raw egg I'da let him keep it... but alas, we went digging in the mouth and pushed the crust further back. My fault for not explaining that stealing food from the table is a no no I suppose. :)

Well, here it is... all pretty and done!

And this one too (see the steam, it was HOT!) Let me tell you... I was officially scared of this meal. It really didn't look appetizing to me. I cut it up for DS and it really didn't look good. Even wedged on my plate... hmmm...

But it was SO GOOD! We will definately be having this again! And if I can't talk DH into taking me out for dinner tonight, we'll be enjoying it again!
A couple things to note about the recipe... it took me forever to make (not the recipes fault)!

In the future (because I WILL be making this again) I will do some make ahead. The crust could have easily been done that morning. The meat could have been browned prior to dinner time too (at least thawed!) With all that done, assembly and cooking would have taken no time at all... and we would have eaten at a reasonable hour. :) Something I like! I did manage to do most of the dishes while it baked though... that was a blessing.

I was so happy with myself too... on any other night I would have called out the window at my husband (who was "playing" down by the river getting it all cleaned up) that we were ordering pizza after the first delay... and especially after the second! But no... I kept trudging through... and we had a more delicious and healthier meal because of it!

Go check out the full recipe at Tammy's Recipes!

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At February 8, 2008 at 4:37 PM , Blogger Someone Being Me said...

That looks delicious. I tried to make a quiche once and it was a disaster. I love quiche though. You may have talked me into trying it again.

At February 8, 2008 at 4:55 PM , Blogger Nikki said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets to thaw the meat!


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