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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: DS's Birth Story ~ The Conclusion

Monday, March 3, 2008

DS's Birth Story ~ The Conclusion

(Here we are for the conclusion of my 15 month old son's birth story (stay tuned in the next couple weeks for our little girl's... she isn't quite here yet!) I'm so excited to get it done before our littlest one arrives. I was worried I wouldn't make it. :) If you missed the first part, or the second part, check them out first! :) Blessings!)

For the first time all night I got some sleep. It wasn’t terribly restful sleep as I was still aware of the contractions every 3-4 minutes, but it was some. As 9:30 rolled around, I began noticing a stronger presence of contractions. The Nubain was wearing off. It’s tough to know what to do, but with things still a ways off, we decided to go for a second dose. Again, I’m sure that nurse was going slow on purpose (really she was great, my perception was slow motion though!) Finally I had it and was able to relax again.

What happened next was both a blur and very detailed in my mind (that’s difficult to be able to say). Before long I was feeling sick again (the second time I was throwing up since arriving at the hospital. Turns out, I was in transition! Everything from that moment on moved much quicker. Sometime in the minutes just after 10 a.m. (yep, only 30 minutes into my second round of narcotics) I was informing my nurse that “something” felt different. “Ok she said, we’ll check things out.” It was several hours… ok, minutes… ok, probably less than that, before she finished up what she was doing over by the sink and came over to check my progress. Yep… fully dilated! Nice. “Ok,” she said, “we’ll just have you push with this next contraction to get things moving.” (ok… I don’t remember her exact phraseology here, but it was something like that.)

Not much more time passed and a contraction started. This was my time to push. As I was wrapping up that push I could hear my nurse talking (not to me… evidently she pushed some button that put her in contact with the nurses station). All I heard was, “Um… I need Dr. So and So, neonatal, ….” (she then listed several other things… but I’m medicated you remember), “because we just pushed once and I already see a head!” I may have been medicated, but that still seemed fast to me. Not nearly as fast, however, as the buzzing in my room after she stopped talking. As slow as those people seem to get you your pain medication, they waste no time when a baby is about to be born.

Before my next contraction started (I really have no idea how far apart they were at this point), my doctor was there waiting. At the conclusion of that next push (#2 if you are following), my doctor asked if I wanted an episiotomy. Now, I have to explain something about me… I don’t make decisions well. I’m always “afraid” I’ll make the wrong one. This is true in restaurants or whatever! Now, add narcotics and sleep deprivation and ask me something really important (as opposed to what kind of salad dressing I want on my side salad) and expect me to know the answer… I don’t think so. The problem is that I knew my answer… I didn’t want one… unless I needed it. But with my medicated mind, I couldn’t think fast enough to say that. So what I did say was, “can I think about it and decide after this next contraction?”

I have a very pleasant doctor, and she said that was fine. Well, it would have been fine, except that my little boy was born on the very next contraction! And let me tell you… I should have had the episiotomy! I tore completely as my “little” 9 pound .2 ounce baby boy was born into this world! Praise the Lord I didn’t feel it… or anything else my sweet husband told me happened after that.

This next part is the saddest to me… they showed me my little boy, had my husband cut the cord (he really didn’t want to… we told them he didn’t want to, but they offered anyway and he did it… and so wishes he hadn’t. My job this next time is to make sure no one asks him to do it), and then whisked him over to the little bed in the corner of the room where the neonatal doctor and nurses waited. I chose this hospital because they do all that right after birth stuff right there on your belly. I wanted him to be right there on me. I wanted to nurse him as immediately as possible. That is why I didn’t want the medication. But because he came so fast after the second dose, they had to take care of my poor little guy before I could have him. (I’m slowly trying to get over this.) I remember thinking to myself… “pay attention… don’t miss anything”. I watched as much as I could from my bed… thankfully they were still in the room.

While they were doing that, and after I had sent DH over with the camera to watch him, the nurses were talking to me. I have no idea what they were asking or saying. All I remember is thinking to myself, “ok… they are asking you a question… it’s your turn to talk now… you have to answer them… open your eyes and answer the question.” Yeah… apparently the meds made me sleepy and loopy and sleepy some more!

So that is the birth story for my 15 month old little boy! Took me long enough to get it written down. I aim to write down my sweet daughters as soon after she is born as possible. :)

Thanks for reading along with me! :)



At March 3, 2008 at 8:51 PM , Blogger pianomomsicle said...

That is so sweet-what a beautiful story!


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