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DS's Birth Story ~ Part 2

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: DS's Birth Story ~ Part 2

Saturday, March 1, 2008

DS's Birth Story ~ Part 2

(Ok... so I started this story back in December in honor of DS's first birthday, but unfortunately I failed in bringing you the rest of the story. Now, with DD (hopefully) just days away, I really want to get the rest of this story in. I would hate to jump right into this next birth story and never give the same of my little boy. This is just the second installment... lots more to write!) :)

**Miss part 1 of my little boy's birth story??? Find it here!**

DH was awake now (after 1 a.m.) and ready to put in new contacts (since the other ones needed to soak another few hours before they would be ready to go back in). I was thankful that I thought to gather all our hospital gear where we wouldn’t bother DH’s parents, but DH’s slippers (who needs shoes at 1 a.m.) were still in his closet. He went in to get them and to let his parents know we were leaving… and we were off.

I had 3 phone calls to make on the way to the hospital… my parents, my sister, and good friends of mine (who made me promise to call when we were on our way just as I made them promise me a couple years before). We made those quick calls in the short 10 minute drive to the hospital.

When we did arrive, I assured DH that I could walk from whatever parking spot he found because I didn’t want to go in without him. I may rethink this before March… it wasn’t the closest spot! :)

My nurse met us at the entrance to the maternity ward and talked with us (me in a wheel chair from the moment we entered downstairs) on the way to our room. She informed us that she had just finished prepping my room for the morning induction and that regardless how far along I was, they were going to keep us there (so much nicer than being sent home to return in the morning!)

She had me change into the lovely hospital gown and hooked me up to the fetal monitors. I know some people are better able to relax at home without all this machinery around them, but I was better able to relax in the hospital where I no longer had to worry about when to call, when to go, what is happening inside, etc. After the paperwork was done and I had been monitored a while she unhooked me and set me free to do whatever would make me more comfortable (walk the halls, soak in the Jacuzzi, etc.) We tried several things, but I was most comfortable in my bed where I could at least sit or lean on something.

Once back in bed (decidedly the best place for me), we decided to try to rest so we would have energy for later. DH bedded down on the hospital chair turned bed next to me and I tried to rest through all the contractions. Thankfully I think DH got some sleep, but it is really hard to sleep, restfully anyway, through regular, increasingly painful, contractions. :)

At 7 (my scheduled induction time), the doctor came in and broke my water… to “speed things along”. It is exactly what they planned to do had I just arrived and not been in labor, so it really worked out. Whatever it did… it definitely increased the intensity of my contractions. Around 7:30 DH (who is leery of any medication for the most part) asked if I wanted to take something to help with the pain. I fully intended to have my baby without medication. I didn’t want anything to affect him. I didn’t want anything to affect being able to nurse him right away. I didn’t want anything to affect my being able to be alert through his first minutes. At this point though… I wanted to hear my options again, so when DH got the nurse, I told her just that.

She was very patient as she explained my options. I looked to DH, and we decided that Nubain was the best bet. From what I understood, it would simply take the edge off the pain, and my favorite part… it only lasted 2 hours, so it wouldn’t affect the baby at birth! Ok… we were decided. Of course now that I decided I wanted something, every second she took to get it to me seemed like years. From my perspective on that hospital bed, she was dragging her feet getting it all pulled together. (Amazing how your tolerance for pain decreases when you decide you want the meds!)

To be continued... hopefully before this little girl comes. :)



At March 1, 2008 at 11:16 PM , Blogger pianomomsicle said...

Can't wait to hear the end! What a little blessing: i bet you are excited to very soon have another birth story to tell!

At March 2, 2008 at 5:58 PM , Blogger Nikki said...

Your right about the pain meds and how looonng it takes to get them once you decide you want some. That's why I said "yes" as soon as the nurse asked if I wanted to be added to the anesthesiologist's list for an epidural -- I didn't need it then, but I knew I would. By the time he got there an hour later, I needed it!


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