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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Weekend 3, the whole thing

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend 3, the whole thing

Well, almost the whole thing. It's still possible that some news worthy travesty could happen this afternoon after DS wakes up from his nap and before My Beloved walks through the door to rejoin our family after his weekend away. Assuming that won't happen, all I can say is this has been a great weekend!!! Everything has been smooth and I've stayed calm. No one is sick and no one has been especially awful to be around (myself included I think.)

It all started Friday. Before we even did breakfast, we loaded up the kids in the car and took My Beloved to get the rental car. From there we came home to eat and he went into the office for a few hours. After breakfast it was my job to get My Beloved packed for the weekend. Once that was taken care of I dove into the 7... yes 7 loads of laundry adorning my super comfy couch! I got several loads done while DS played and a couple more later on. The sheets needed to be done, as well as the quilt and blanket on our bed since DD pee'd straight through all the layers of our bed that morning in the wee (pardon the pun) hours of morning during an otherwise routine diaper change. Seriously... what's a couple more loads of laundry when every article of clothes in the house is already piled in a tall mountain in your living room!

My Beloved arrived home around 12:30, put DS down for his nap, loaded the car, and then blessed me with his sweet company while we enjoyed lunch together. Before 1 he was off for the weekend and I was again on my own. During nap time I tackled the ironing. A good 1/4 or 1/5 of the laundry pile I folded that morning found it's way into the ironing pile, so I put in a movie (Facing the Giants ~ a great movie) and got a little more than half of the ironing done before DS woke up from his nap. In the evening we got to go for a nice walk, play, and eat together. Once he was down again in the evening I started up the end of the afternoon's second movie, Yours, Mine and Ours, and finished that ironing! WooHoo!

It was important that I finish all the laundry, and get the house a little straightened because My Beloved talked me into getting some help with the house this weekend. Since my week was soooo crazy, as mentioned here and here, and I was a tad overwhelmed with life, we hired a couple teenagers to come clean the house Saturday morning! Nothing like someone else cleaning your house to motivate you to get things put away.

Didn't work though... the house was still pretty cluttered when they got here Saturday morning. Dishes weren't done, table wasn't cleared, toys weren't put away... and seriously I felt like I'd been working on things every moment possible for days! It didn't faze them a bit though... they just straightened while they went. By request, we cleared out of there so they could work unhindered. Their wonderful mother (a friend of ours) volunteered to take DS to her house to play so I could do whatever with only one baby. It was great... someone else was entertaining my 1 year old and the baby and I got some time to shop and browse the library. :) Granted we were browsing the board book section... but still, I wouldn't have been browsing any area if DS had been along. :)

It was so nice to return home, errands completed, to a clean house! And it was time to put DS down for his nap. By the time he woke up from his nap we had friends on their way over to visit/play. This cute 4 year old loves to play with my 16 month old. They run around the house and have a blast! What fun to have the fellowship, and the yummy pizza! That was a whole day of other people helping to entertain my little boy! What a blessing!

So that leaves us with today... a great morning at church!... and a great afternoon so far!

I do hope your weekend is going smoothly as well! Blessings!



At April 28, 2008 at 12:03 PM , Blogger Marva said...

Yay for you sweet friend! What a blessing indeed! Have a great day!

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