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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: I miss blogging

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I miss blogging

There are a number of reasons I miss being around here more often, but the biggest one is missing out on chronicling little details about my babies. Honestly, I don't even care so much about sharing those details with you (that's just a bonus... not to mention the comments). Don't get me wrong... I enjoy sharing with you, and I love the comments part, but when I stopped my regular posting, the truth came out. The part I truly miss is jotting down little memories. You see, if I don't have time to sit and post about something, you can be sure I'm not taking the time to scribble them down in a journal. As of 4 days ago, I've started putting a few words each day onto a calendar, but that can't possibly have room for all the little stories, like:

::At dinner last night, My Beloved asked Tornado if there was fish in his belly (we had fish for dinner). Tornado wasted no time pulling his bib and shirt away from his body and looking down them, trying to see the fish in his belly.

::The other day was crazy. Tornado was ready for lunch, which I still had to make, and his hands were filthy and in need of washing. Honestly, I don't remember all the details anymore (one of the sad parts of not blogging them in time), but during all this Sweet Pea was very clingy. You can imagine her unhappiness when I put her down... again... to take Tornado to the bathroom to wash his hands. I set her down in the kitchen, standing at a chair. Then I said, over my shoulder to a hysterical child, "come on, follow mommy". I took one more look over my shoulder to see her take her first step. She let go of the chair, in the midst of her hysteria, and before realizing what she was doing, took a step in my direction. Of course she promptly dropped to her knees and followed us to the back of the house, but it was a step just the same.

::My Beloved taught Tornado how to hang up his coat on the back of a chair. I never thought to teach him such a thing. It only took being shown one time and walked through it one time, now he does it all himself. He knows to find the "hat" part and hang it over the corner of the chair.

::Just the other day Tornado asked My Beloved to tie his shoe for him.

::Potty training is coming along... in a slow and natural way. No pressure and lots of successes some day... other days he's not interested at all!

Those are just a handful of things happening around here. I've deliberately left out all the frustrations and hair pulling. I'm trying to stay in a positive place today.



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