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Thursday, February 4, 2010

We're expecting...

Ok, so you knew that... but I'm not talking about babies this time. I'm talking weather. Anyone seen this weather advisory?
I'm not one to trust the weather man. They get me all excited about snow or ice and the prospect of my sweet husband staying home from work (or coming home early as may be the case here) and then they let me down. I've stopped trusting them altogether. So... we're expecting all this, but we'll see what actually happens.

A little earlier today we were in the "paralyzing" area. Now it's just supposed to be "disruptive", however, with 1-2 feet of snow. Like I said. We'll see. If we loose power, I'll be back when I can... otherwise, I'll try to keep you posted! Maybe I'll even take pictures.

In other news... I've stayed pretty busy today with little projects and such. No, I didn't do any of the cleaning that needs to be done, but I did get to some other things. I've got a full batch of apple slices in the dehydrator, dishes are almost done, business work is caught up (I think) and I'm working on a double batch of granola in the oven! Hmmm... somehow it doesn't look like as much all typed out. Now I will go tackle dinner! :)

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At February 5, 2010 at 8:58 AM , Blogger Kristin said...

We live in an area that can expect 3-4 inches a year if we're lucky. However, last weekend, we got 10 inches and they are calling for another 4-10 today!


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