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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More panic than nesting...

I'm thinking it's a combination of the doctor's words yesterday ("ok then... any time now, right?") even though there are still officially 4 weeks left until my due date and the couple of random (yet more official feeling) contractions I had yesterday evening that has set me on today's rampage of activity. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling well enough to be on this rampage (hence my blogging break).

Even just the idea that I could go into labor at any time made me painfully aware how un-ready I am. Oh sure... the baby would come, we'd care for him, all would be well. Of course that's all that really matters... but there are a few other things I really wanted to have done first. To make things a little more sane for me... especially if I have to go this alone during the month of July (My Beloved really can't be away from work in the month of July and my mom won't be here until August 6th.)

So what things am I talking about?

So far today I've:
  • re-sorted through all the baby clothes and blankets/burp cloths/etc I have and organized them. I boxed up (and labeled ~ woo hoo!) a box of 3-6 month clothes and a box of 6-9 month clothes and stuck them in the closet... it's nice not to have them cluttering up what little space I have in the kids room.
  • done 3-4 loads of laundry (half of which is folded and put away). I really don't want to leave for the hospital with the house being in complete disarray... I'll need to stay on top of the laundry a little better!
  • straightened/organized the corner/closet area of our bedroom so I can deep clean/vacuum it.
  • refolded all the receiving blankets after washing them (Sweet Pea graciously unfolded all the blankets, burp clothes, etc. we have a couple weeks ago... and while I was refolding everything, the receiving blankets felt a little stale and crunchy. So I rewashed them. Apparently she was looking out for her little brother already.)
  • fed the kids two meals (if I don't mention this one, it's like it never happened.)
  • took apart the new (to us) car seat so it can be washed (it's in the dryer now).
  • removed the new (to us) boppy cover to be washed (also in the dryer now).
  • placed a call to the friend who said she has cloth diapers for me (not the one I really want, but the prefolds and cover option that will get us started.)
  • placed a call to the friend who said she had a bassinet we could use (it should be here within the hour if she doesn't forget!)

Still on my "panic list":
  • thorough vacuuming of our bedroom (under the bed, behind side tables, etc.) and wipe down/dusting of everything in there (including windows and sills). I want to give the new baby a clean sleeping place to start with!
  • hospital bag packed (it sure would be nice not to have to do this while I'm in labor... again!

Now you know, since I've done all this (or will have in the next 24ish hours), this baby is sure to go full term... or even late. So there are still a hand full of things I'd love to have time for that aren't really "panic" items (which means I'll just make do if I run out of time).
  • some more meals in the freezer (there are a good half dozen or so with a couple more planned for this week).
  • homemade nursing pads.
  • preschool lessons prepped for the fall (better now than later for sure).
  • bunk beds finished (not really my job, but I need to help make time for My Beloved to be able to work on this).
  • re-read parts of The Diaper Free Baby and Husband Coached Childbirth.

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At July 7, 2010 at 10:07 PM , Blogger Little Mommy said...

I remember my panic list in the weeks leading up to baby #3. I had the advantage of knowing when he was coming for sure, and also of having my mom here for a week before hand, but everyone in our house (myself included) had a bug during that week and while most of my panic list got finished, there were still several things that didn't get done before baby arrived, but my beloved and my mother did manage to tackle dduring the three days I was in the hospital. And then once babe and I were home, my mom often took to completing tasks for me while I gave instructions. Such a help!

Hope all goes well for you and sending positive vibes that babe stays put until your mom is there to help and your beloved is not so tied to work.


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