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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still here

It was cool enough to walk earlier this week...
so here's my 39 week belly ready to head down the street.

I woke up this morning from natural causes... ok, maybe not natural causes. Pregnancy causes is more like it. The point is, it wasn't labor that caused me to wake. It seems that each evening I hope I'll be in labor by morning. :) Not so far! The next step for my day is to hope I'll be in labor by evening.

It's not so much that I'm terribly impatient... the fact is that I'm somewhat overly patient for the first days of infancy (it sounds harder in my head to care for a newborn--not to mention newborn plus other kids once I'm home from the hospital--than to just do what I already know how to do).

It's more that I'm ready to have my body on the path to recovery. Laying in bed is a long arduous process... even if it's to sleep for the night. I wake up (after a bunch of wake ups through the night) to sore and painful hips and legs between 5-7am sometime... only to give in and move to the couch... which is only somewhat more comfortable. (I don't mean to complain... just to give explanation for my readiness!)

I can report that I finished my "waiting" project...

It took exactly one week, which means I had it done this past Sunday night. It's just taken this long to get a picture taken. I'm excited to have it finished and ready for cool weather so we can snuggle underneath it.

One fun tidbit about this quilt... the top is made up of fabric I already had on hand.

They are all fabrics I've used in other quilts.... quilts I've made for friends' wedding gifts. Now, each time I cuddle under it, I can think of those friends and smile (especially nice since since all those friends are far away now.)

And here's the edging that I was working on last week... all done! :)

It's a nice feeling!

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At July 31, 2010 at 11:36 AM , Blogger Julie said...

I love the quilt!! How did you find the time to make it with two kids?! :) It is beautiful! I can't wait to hear the baby news!

At July 31, 2010 at 1:34 PM , Blogger Nikki said...

Way to go! And it's a lovely quilt. I hope the weather cools off soon so you can use it!

At August 1, 2010 at 12:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! (as all your quilts are!!) ENJOY!


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