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Finally some love for the boys!... Baby Boy Breastfeeding Record

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finally some love for the boys!... Baby Boy Breastfeeding Record

A long time ago (almost 2 1/2 years now), I introduced my breastfeeding record... a fabulous resource (for me anyway) for keeping track of all those newborn stats we need to keep track of. You know, when did we feed? How many wet diapers? How many poopy ones? When Tornado was born, I jotted it all down on notebook paper, but I wasn't happy with the way it worked entirely. So when Sweet Pea was coming, I designed something pretty and functional to help me keep track. Many of you have requested that I send you a copy so that you could use it too... and I hope it worked for you as well as it worked for us!

Over the last couple years I have had a couple requests for a "boy version", as apposed to pink flowers. I can remember saying something like... "if I ever have time, I'll let you know." Well, with the coming (soon) of our little boy, I've had to make time to make that "boy version"... and so here it is!!

I used the same format as the original, but replaced pink with blue and made up a cute little background (sailboats homemade by yours truly). I hope it's something you can enjoy. Tornado helped decide what other little "decorations" should be included.

Download all the files below:

Week 1: A very special week measured in 24 hour periods from the birth time. I've mentioned what the stools should be like too. The blue boxes show the minimum number you should be looking for. (Talk to your babies doctor if you have questions about what exactly is right for your baby. I'm getting my information from Baby Wise!) In the "Feedings" boxes, I usually put an "R" or "L" in the box for the side last started on, and above the box I put the time. If you are bottle feeding, you could also put the number of ounces given in the box.

Weeks 2-4: You may have to tweak the end of the first week with the beginning of the second (or blend them) as it switches from 24 hour periods to full days. Otherwise I work it pretty much the same.

Weeks 5-10: This one is pretty much the same too... and I found that I stopped being so faithful sometime before the tenth week. Use them as they fit your life style. At some point between week 6 and 10 I'm comfortable in a routine and don't find that I'm depending on my records anymore. You may find that you feel the same! :)

So there you have it... feel free to ask questions if you have any. I'll get to them when I can, though, I've slowed down significantly in these last days before baby's arrival, so please be patient!

You can find the girl versions here too:

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At July 26, 2010 at 12:01 PM , Blogger Ryan and Sandra said...

Girl, you are my soul sister! I adore your menu planner and though we're still waiting a little longer to try for babies, SERIOUSLY, I love these little records and am currently downloading ALL of them.

May God bless the upcoming birth of this new little one; I know you seek to honor our Father in all you do.

With love,


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