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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: The race is on!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The race is on!

My bloggy friend Nikki used to participate (before it came to an end) in something called Work in Progress Wednesday. I enjoyed seeing what she was working on, but apparently it was for crochet, and really, even if it wasn't, I rarely work on my projects enough to call them "in progress" anyway.

Eh hem... back on point, I thought I would share my "work in progress"... in the spirit of it being Wednesday and all. But really, this "work in progress" is so much more than that. I decided on Sunday evening (when My Beloved was working very late), that if I worked hard, I just might be able to finish this particular project before the baby gets here. It's not for the baby... not directly anyway. It's for all of us. I started it this past winter upon completing a snowman quilt for our couch (one that had been in the works for many years...7?) It's purpose was to be our spring quilt... so that we'd have something other than snowmen to cuddle under in the cold mornings or evenings of spring. Well... it didn't happen this year. We cuddled under those snowmen well into June (when it became crazy hot all of a sudden).

Now here I am... 38 weeks pregnant. Two weeks to go (or three... or four). It's getting hard to wait. I'm uncomfortable and impatient. I'm sleeping poorly and ready to have my body back. Strangely, this time around it's not about holding the baby sooner (though I'm sure I'll enjoy that too), it's more about not being pregnant anymore. Perhaps summer has something to do with it. Perhaps it's because I know that adding a newborn to our crazy lives could be a little overwhelming. Perhaps it's because I have two littles to cuddle and love and train already and there just isn't time to daydream about the coming days with my newest and littlest.

Whatever the story behind the story... I'm ready for baby to be here... and once I get to this point, it's hard to wait. However... since the advent of this resurrected project, I have set a challenge. A race, if you will. I plan to race this baby to the end. Can I finish this quilt and have it tucked away for fall (if only they were fall colors, but maybe next fall I can have a fall-ish quilt to use in the living room) and spring use before baby comes? It's my plan... my goal... and I'm determined to do so. And it really shouldn't be hard. I finished one side in the last three days. That means that, at my current rate, I could be finished in another 8-9 days. If I work faster, obviously, it will be fewer than that. If I miss one... I could, theoretically, assuming baby doesn't come early, still get it done.

Regardless, it seems to be serving it's purpose. I'm not so worried about baby coming today or tomorrow anymore (in fact, I'll be a little disappointed if I don't get this done first). I'm more willing to wait him out (no pun intended but golly they're fun!) If I finish this project, I'll get started on another one and set a new race!

How about you??? Any tips and tricks for making it through these last couple weeks???

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At July 21, 2010 at 1:18 PM , Blogger Nikki said...

Thanks for the "shout out"!

I quit posting every week with WIP Wednesday since I got bored posting pictures of the same project week after week. I was sure that if I was bored, so were my readers!

But your quilt looks lovely, and I hope you finish it before the baby comes. I'm glad it's given you something to do. Since my babies were induced, I can only imagine how restless you feel not knowing when your baby will appear.


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