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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Working in spurts...

Herbs harvested a couple weeks ago

That's pretty much the only way to get anything done this week... especially the last couple days. I'm sure it's just me, but I don't remember being *this* uncomfortable in my last few weeks of pregnancy the first couple times around. Though, now as I pause to think about it, I know I was... just different.

With less than 3 weeks to go (less than 3 days if I'm lucky... though My Beloved's schedule doesn't really work with that, so I guess I'm not really praying for it), I'm out of energy, uncomfortable, and generally sore somewhere at any given moment. :) Not that I'm complaining.

Yesterday morning was the toughest so far. I felt like the whole morning was one long contraction (yes, I'm having some of those now). I had bits of reprieve, though the back strain and overall discomfort hung on. In those bits of time, I worked to get some things done. I felt as though yesterday was very productive, especially considering... though I don't really remember what I did yesterday. Seems like lots of laundry, making dinner, some business things, etc. I know there was more, but I have no idea what.

Today has been less productive, but still working in spurts. After My Beloved left for work this morning and the kids finished breakfast, we headed out to the greenhouse to harvest some herbs. Once back inside, I didn't have any energy to do the next thing, so I sat down for a bit with a glass of water (under the fan). Maybe ten minutes later, I forced myself to get up and do the dishes. With those done, I was ready to wash and prep the herbs I brought in, but again, had no energy to do it... so I grabbed my cup of water and sat down again. (Meanwhile kids are playing and doing nearby.) With a bit of rest, I forced myself to get up and do those herbs before they were too wilted.

This is how I've been getting anything done this last week. Piece at a time. After some table time with the kids, I retired to the couch where I was just going to sit for a minute. That turned into just laying for a minute. Before I knew it I'm sure I'd been dozing for 20 or more minutes. I definitely needed that nap. I just hate when they come while the kids are up. :) What finally woke me enough was hearing Sweet Pea telling me she needed to potty. Can't put that one off. I was up, sleepy faced, and ready to move into making lunch and getting the afternoon nap started. *Sigh*

I don't know how much more I'll do today, or even tomorrow, but I guarentee I'll be getting it done in spurts!

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At July 15, 2010 at 8:21 PM , Blogger Nikki said...

That's the part of pregnancy that I don't miss, that and not being able to sleep at night. At least, you don't have much longer!


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